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Monday, July 02, 2012


You got it.

Another few months have passed, and it's now officially the second half of the year.

The first half? It was great in many, *many* ways.

Let's just say it might have been a little TOO great in some, hmm?

Like, of course, eating.

Because I don't believe in "BAD FOODS", I tend to allow pretty much everything in my diet. Usually, I try to stay aware of the items that are calorie dense. However, for the past couple of months, I've been eating mostly those calorie dense foods: lots of breads and rice, larger than usual quantities of meat ... and, to balance it out, very few freggies, very little water (a BIG deal - my norm was something like 14 cups of water a day, now-a-days, I am lucky if I down 6!) and, of course, using one excuse after another, VERY little exercise.

Exercise is a "norm" in my world. I am the woman who loves to walk, walks 6+ miles at a stretch and still has energy left to go for a walk at lunch and another one in the evening.

The past few months have seen 5+ days per week of zero exercise and maybe one or 2 days of mild (very mild, really) to moderate exercise.

The upshot of all that is that even the larger clothes I'd bought earlier this year now display the sausage effect when I tug them on and zip/button/hold-breath-and-fas
ten them.

The only thing that should look like a sausage link is a sausage link, right? It's just NOT right to look in a mirror and giggle helplessly because all you can think is "sausage link".


So this past month has been one of mixed denial (bought scales, held breath, got on them, decided this was "yesterday's binge" weight ...) and half-hearted attempts at eating "healthy". Healthy in quotes. Why? Because I was doing things like eating a big eggs/sausage breakfast, then bringing a big lunch, AND justifying the size of the lunch by pointing at the miniscule salad or veggie side I'd packed. On more than one occasion, the big lunch got eaten and the healthy side got tossed.

Can't blame anyone else for my choices. Each choice, from the picking of the food at the grocery store, through the process of deciding on the menu and finally chewing each bite ... all of that was entirely under my own control. Having house guests does NOT justify choosing to eat the same unhealthy food they prefer. Neither does a sedentary, killer-hours kind of job. Seriously. I *could* have made FAR better choices every single day, or at least a few times each day!

So, all that long story is simply preamble. Or maybe post-amble (where there wasn't even much amble).

Bottom line: I need to get rid of the 20+ pounds I've packed on this past couple of years. Ideally, I'd lose somewhere between 50 and 80 pounds to be at some semblance of a pop-culture-approved "healthy weight", but I think I'll stick with reasonable-for-me, for now. :)

It's high time I pressed the RESET button and got serious about my body!

Today was measurements day. Scary stuff.

Today was also the official "first day of exercise after a long break".

I'll be sore this week.

But that is the kind of sore that I love, the kind that was preceded by a fabulously sweaty workout, and a heady, cooling shower, and a shot of iced lemonade with salt-and-sugar.

I have tossed most of the contents of the refrigerator.

I have a bunch of mini-cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and organic baby-cut carrots in the fridge.

The new scales should help keep me focused.

The work-till-you-wanna-puke workouts should keep me interested for at least a few weeks.

The thought of NOT having the zippers and buttons digging into my side by the end of this month will definitely be a BIG motivator.

The plan to be skating again this winter almost makes me salivate (*can* one salivate at the thought of something physical? Well, you tell me. Haven't YOU salivated when you thought of your favourite hottie? What if that hottie was YOU at your favourite workout?)

Rewards may be needed. I'm no good at rewards. I'll have to make some up, so that I can feel the love.

And, I'll admit, I've GOT to limit my time in the new flat.

Why? Because all my addictions are right there. Books. Books. Books. The things that I crave, and don't deny myself - it's worse than TV addiction, because I can't even discuss the books (most of my colleagues and acquaintances are NOT readers, those that are, read VERY different subject matter ...)

My excuse for not socializing? I HATE, loathe and DETEST waiting on people. And every person I know seems to think it's okay to NOT show up on time. Really. Yes, I'm a control freak in many ways, and this happens to be one of those things that REALLY gets my goat: if I can make the effort to get wherever on time, despite being reliant on public transit, why can't the other people show the same courtesy? (Oh, never mind, this is a food-and-health blog)

Anyway, it's obviously way past time for a commitment.

I commit, to myself:

- I WILL work out (intense workout, heavy sweat) at least 5 times each week.
- I WILL drink 8 cups of water each day
- I WILL eat at least 3 servings of freggies every single day
- I WILL make time to NOT read, every single day ... at least one hour of "read-worthy" time to be allocated to something else.
- I WILL make the effort to be more sociable: at least start going to the museums and galleries on my own, if not in company

Small goals. Achievable goals. Goals that actually make me smile when I read them over, not the kind that make me cringe.

I do not promise to blog every day or even every week - my schedule at work makes it less convenient, and I would rather use the "gotta-blog" time to cut up some veggies or maybe get in a mini workout dancing to YouTube videos. :)

Have a fantabulous summer, y'all! I am going to do that right here in T.O. ... you haven't seen HOT and STICKY yet! :)
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    Good for you Maya! Off to a good start, it all starts in the mind and heart!

    3193 days ago
    Got my sorry butt back in here in early June.
    emoticon emoticon
    SUSAN would contact me every 60 days to stop in and remove the "inactive leader" message from her sight. Her message said, "It's "inactive leader day". Come say Hi".

    I love that woman! Love you, too.

    3213 days ago
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