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Monday, July 16, 2012


Me and my bike.

Did I mention it's yellow?

It actually is.

There were other options, of course, but who wouldn't fall in love with a buttery yellow bike?

And my helmet almost coordinates (slightly different shade of yellow, but hey, there's a whole body between helmet and bike).

So this morning, after much hemming and hawing ("It's HOT out! And humidity is almost 75%!"), I jumped in the shower and took off, ON the bike.

Tried to get to the trail that's close to me (about half a mile from me, at the river), but couldn't find a way down to it from the streets I tried. That was a fun but non-productive 20 minutes.

Then I decided to do the "commuter" thing and just go for the shortest distance that was still out of the way of manic cars, so I drove down the side streets until I came to the waterfront by the lake.

Gotta say, it was HOT. And STICKY.

By the time I'd waited, wilting, for several traffic lights and a school bus that just stopped for no apparent reason with its lights flashing, I was already ruing my choice to bike on a day like this.

Made it to the trail and heaved a huge sigh of relief ... TREES! SHADE! WATER! Wheee!

Was still HOT. And did I mention STICKY?

Typical Toronto summer day, actually, so I am not complaining too much.

By the time I got to the stairs to cross over the highway back to the other side, close to work, I was exhausted.

Got to work and locked my bike.

At which point I realised I'd really NOT planned well at all.

I was dripping sweat and sunblock (remember I mentioned STICKY?), and had no change of clothes or even a towel to dry off with. I *always* have deodorant in my backpack, so at least I wouldn't totally stink, although I was still sweaty.

Fortunately, there's a hair dryer in one of the wash rooms, so I used that to dry off my shirt. It helped - for a few minutes, long enough to walk through the main office area and get to my desk.

But I was still sweating profusely (NO, women don't just "glow"), so had to endure a bit of teasing about how the first bike ride of the season (try of the decade in my case ...) reminds one of things to not forget.

So, for the next bike commute, I need to remember to bring along:
- Towel
- Change of clothes
- Comb

The day went by rather quickly, as it's yet another crunch time at work. I found the morning bike ride meant I was REALLY hungry all day.

Oh yeah, addendum to the list:
- FOOD. Multiple mini-meals.

All day, my mind kept going back to the sticky ride to work, dreading the ride home.

But, surprisingly, it had actually cooled down and wasn't nearly so sticky, so the ride home seemed both cooler and faster than the ride out to work.

And BOY, was I hungry when I got home.

So, after a quick shower to get rid of the grime and the sweat, I attacked the refrigerator and found a bunch of chicken breasts and also some mixed greens. Threw together a quick tandoori marinade for the chicken and pan-fried it in a little while, then gobbled it down with a tortilla and salad.

Ever notice how GOOD food tastes when you're hungry?

Packed some clothes for tomorrow and stuck them in my backpack ... that's the change of clothes. Added a towel. Made extra chicken so I can take 2 mini-meals plus some fruit for a snack.

I think I am all set now ... tomorrow's rides should be even more fun!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW! you Cycled in this heat, hats off to you and helmets ON!!!!
    Food department sounds good too! Good for you for making healthy choices, you are made for more, you are made for the best! so go for it!

    3194 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2659174
    Oh my gosh - I bet you were starved! I would be lol
    Well, so glad to see when people decide to bike commute! And I know all about the humidity lol - although it may not be as hot here, it's definitely up there on the humidity scale - 70-100% almost all the time lol
    But I wouldn't have it any other way - I get chronic nose bleeds when the air is too dry (I grew up in Arizona!)
    Hope the repeat commuting is going better!!
    3196 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12137348
    It's been hot and sticky in the Ottawa/Ouataouais area too, but I've been on my bike as much as I can. Mine is turquoise. And it has a basket! Great for carrying my water!
    3200 days ago
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