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Time to Refocus

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Wow! I can't believe it's been three months since I blogged here!!! I know it sounds like an excuse . . . but I've just been amazingly busy! Praise God!

Since the day my personal training studio opened I have been blessed with a pretty steady group of clients. Lately the number of one on one trainings has increased and some days are five hours back to back, one hour break and then four more hours of training. I love each woman I am blessed to work with towards their goals. My own training has had to flex and change to meet the demands of my schedule and the energy I have available.

I switched to a circuit style of training for myself for two days of the week, add in some 30 minute cardio intervals and saved my two big power lifts for my days off from work. The up side is that I'm able to keep my fitness and maintain my physique goals. The down side . . . my bench press is not progressing and has not improved at all over the past couple of months as I have stumbled and faltered in keeping this goal in focus.

This ends here and now! I have four months until my birthday and I will train like never before to hit my strength goals. I am not delusional, I know I cannot increase that bench press by 40lbs in just 4 mths. But I will advance it. In one month I will push 5lbs. more than I did today. I will do this by having very focused workouts on my bench drills day each week. Additionally, on my shoulder day I will focus on the front of my shoulder to help with push strength, on tricep workout I will focus on going as heavy as possible and I will do diamond push ups and tricep push ups. On my back day I will focus on my middle back. I will strengthen my core and I will give this goal my 100% attention the same way I have other training goals.

I have trained for and ran five half marathons and each time I followed the plan, never missing a training run, never missing a pace goal, never shorting myself in any way. I have trained for and ran a full marathon, giving up sleep to get up to run before work to beat the heat. I have proven to myself that I know how to get it done, when I train smart and focus. This strength progress is a matter of learning a whole new skill, how to pace, how to focus and when to train and when to peak.

I have a good start to this new week. The schedule is made, the foods for the week are prepared and the gym bag is packed. I can do this!

How do you focus and train for a goal?
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