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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey friends!
It's been SO long since I have written! Life has had many changes in the last few months so I've been just trying to keep up with everything!

1. We moved back to the USA after almost 5 years in China! Yeah that's a transition that needs time to process. Not only for myself, but to help my boys process this huge change.

2. I did PASS my Personal Trainer Certification test last month!!!! That was a goal I had been working on for a while!

3. I started Les Mills Pump after gaining like 5-7 pounds after just being back in the USA for about a month. The results are amazing and I'm mixing it in with TurboFIRE still! You can't really compare it to ChaLEAN Extreme as it's a totally different beast but I would say I love it! Which is a lot coming from a Turbo/Chalene GIRL!!!

4. I haven't been blogging on here but am keeping up with my fullyengagedmom.com blog. (If you call 1x a week posting 'keeping up' lol!)

Sometimes pics say more than words! Here are a few of the last few months!

Getting ready to do Les Mills Pump!!!

My sweet loves! (And I'm obsessed with Instagram if you can't tell these are all from there!!!)

Working out in my sister's room. We've traveled over 9,000 miles since June 1st! Yeah, I'm tired and ready to be settled for the fall!

And one more working out! Totally getting stronger and leaner with Pump!!!

Keep pushing for your goals. I know the summer is CRAZY for so many and so now with the kids getting back in school and life returning to a more normal schedule get some friends together and start AGAIN!!!
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