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Day One Report

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yesterday was a success!!!!:-)
I was in range for fat/carbs/protein, and actually a touch (like 40 calories) low on calories for the day, and I tracked EVERYTHING!!!!!!:-)
I lost 3 pounds of water weight since yesterday, too!!!!
I have had this nasty cold for 1.5 weeks, which just won't go away, so I have taken more "rest days" in the past 10 days, then in a LONG time!!!!
I did do my Supreme 90 "total body" workout and run on the TM at the gym this AM. I was trying to see if I could run anywhere near as fast as I would have to to PR a 5K I am doing on Saturday, but it's not likely!!!! I set the TM for 8.5 mph, but had to slow it down, and step off a few times to catch my breath. I hope to beat my time from this particular race last year, but I would be really surprised if I can manage a PR....but I guess being sick makes it difficult.
Thanks for all our your encouraging comments!!!!
I plan on re-capping everyday, good or bad, the next day to keep myself accountable!!!!:-)
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