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Day Four Report

Friday, August 24, 2012

Today was good, but I hate how it seems to get "harder" to stay on track after a few days!!!!
I do like the accountability of blogging at night....I was tempted to snack more tonight....but I didn't want to write about it now!!!:-)
I was on the low end of my carb range after dinner, so had caramel popcorn at a high school football game, and multi-grain tortilla chips for a bed-time snack.
I was perfectly in range for cal/fat/carb/protein... I forgot to check on sodium, but it was ok after dinner.
I am doing a 5K race in the morning.
My workout this AM was the Cardio Challenge for Supreme 90, and more working on my pull-ups...... I am still not able to do ONE pull-up, but I have removed on strap on my pull-up assist device. I have been working on it 3-4 times a week, but not as much really recently due to being sick.
Have a good week-end!!!!!
I will give a race report tomorrow!!!:-)
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