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Day Six Report

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I had a good (but warm and humid) run with my running group this morning. The plan was to do 10 miles, but the consensus was to stop closer to 8, so we ended up doing 8.3 miles. I was ok with that, hopefully we will do 10 next Sunday.
I ate pretty good most of the day. I ate breakfast at home after the run, instead of staying for the post-run group brunch, because I just can't restrain myself at those things. There is just too much good food usually, so I just stretch and go home. We went to a birthday party, where I had some fruit and a few tortilla chips. I made the mistake of not bringing something with me to eat on the drive home (~1 hour), so I was pretty hungry when we got home. I ate a salad, and did have a mini binge on some low-fat ice cream and some of the piƱata candy from the party.....but, the good thing is that I entered it in SP, and I was only around 140 calories over my range, so maybe not a complete fail.
I just took an Ambien (I hope I don't fall asleep mid-blog!!) so I can go to sleep....I have to be at the gym at 4:30 am for the start of CLX/RevAbs!!!! WooHoo!!!! I am excited to start!! The only bummer is that my husband has to leave home early every Monday AM, so I always miss some of the class on those days. We will have our official "weigh-in" for the contest, the person to lose the most weight +/or body fat will win $150. I won when we did CLX by itself, so I hope to do it again. It will be possible if I can manage my 1 pound a week weight loss goal.....we will see!!!!!:-)
Good night all!!!!!
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