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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tonight is the unveiling of a new fat blast class I designed using all the best exercise science I know. The class is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style format using cardio and weights. Tonight the weights are light to get form down. The idea is to use the heaviest weight you can with good form. The class is not 'fast paced', it is more of moderate intensity alternating cardio with lifting to stimulate growth hormones and the hormones that release stored fat.

Here is my line up for tonight:

Warm Up: (this cycle continues for 4 min.)
Jumping Jacks
High Knees rotating in and out
Jumping Jacks with criss cross arms
Standing Cross Crunch

Fire Up:
Skip a rope (real or imaginary) 10 skips
Bicep Curls (alternating) 8 reps each
Skip a rope
Tricep Kick Backs 8 reps each
Skip a rope
Bicep Curls (both 1-2-3 count up 1 count down) (8 reps)
Tricep overhead extentions (1-2-3 count down, one up) (8 reps)
Skip a rope
Bicep curls (both count of one up, 1-2-3 down) (8reps)

High Knee Soldier Walk (it's slow paced, almost robot like)
Chest Press (standing, DB together infront of chest, press UP )
High Knee Soldier Walk
Upright Rows (DB alternating R + L + Both = 1 rep)
High Knee Soldier Walk
Shoulder Press (DB alternating R + L + Both = 1 rep)

Raise it Up:
Squat jump (jump out, jump in, jump up)
Straight leg deadlift
Bent over Rows (both DB row from knees to belly with palms up)
squat jump (out, in, up)
Straight leg deadlifts
Single Arm Row (8 reps each side)
Squat jump (out, in up)

Football Run
Chest Press Up
Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch
Football Run
Chest Press Up
Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch

Revolution: (standing ab work . . no weight)
Front kicks with opposite arm reach
Side knee lift to elbow crunch (8 each side)
Soldier Walk
Mua Tae Knee Drive

The Part that Hurts the Most:
Sumo Squat w/front delt raise
"Kettlebell' swing using a dumbbell
Sumo squats (wide to the right, narrow stance, wide to the left)
Front Delt Raise (both arms, one dumbbell)

Front Line: (no weights)
Static Lunge Right
Chest Press/Row Back Arms
Static Lunge Left
Arms pulses up
Static Lunge Right
Arm pulses back
Static Lunge Left
Arm circles


I think I will need to make a YouTube Video demo! I hope you see some ideas here that you can incorporate into your workout plan!!!

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