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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hi sparkers,

this blog is overdue but better later than never right. I had my measurements taken by my trainer last Saturday and it's amazing what 2 weeks of hard work can do. Here we go

Start Chest : 35 inches
Current: 34.5 inches

Start Waist: 34.5 inches
Current: 32 inches

Start Hips: 45 inches
Current: 37.5 inches (I couldn't believe this when I was comparing both records).

These are some other measurements that we didn't take the last time.

Thigh: 21.5 inches

Arm: 12 inches

I am so excited with my progress and I'm looking forward to working my butt off to finally get at a healthy weight and continuing this new lifestyle. To add to that, yesterday I was able to finally wear a pair of jeans I got over two years ago. They were so cute and I had bought a smaller size because I wanted it to encourage me to lose the weight. My hard work in and out of the gym is really paying off. One of my mini goals was to weigh in at 150Lbs by October 20th and I'm so close to it. I'm currently 154.5Lbs. I know it seems unrealistic but I like to set my bar high. I know I can get a little more closer if I stay away from candy (I don't care much for it but I can't seem to say so whenever I'm offered one) and fast food.

My PT worked me to the point of exhaustion today. By the time I was leaving the gym, I was feeling a little dizzy and I definitely had no legs. I have a schedule run tomorrow morning and I'll keep up with that. Let's show this fat who is boss
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