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BLC-20 Int'l Travel choice. Thanks, Japan, for Family Bonding

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thank you, Japan, for giving us the technology for family entertainment. If used correctly, it is great for family bonding. Let me give personal examples which have kept our family strong.

When my son was 18, he would take my 3 yr. old DD to comic book stores. Pete introduced her to anime, showered her with Sailor Moon dolls & watching the cartoons with her.
When Pete became a Pokemon trainer at ToysRUs, he would take her along, teaching her to play the card game, teaching her strategies at age 4.

He loves any gaming system, and wanted the family to share in it. We have MANY Wii games that he has in the family room (he keeps the other systems in his room). We have family sessions, including playing fitness games.

DS bought Mic her own Nintendo DS the 1st Christmas, me my own DS (& since a 3DS) the 2nd Christmas, my DH one the 3rd, and his aunt one the 4th Christmas. He freely buys us games that he thinks will please us. Pokemon Black & White 2 just came out, & he will be buying one for me this week.

Pete and his friends have gone for years to Otakon in Baltimore, and this year to Boston Anime. One year we drove him to Baltimore for the three day convention. On Sunday, he took his sister, then 8 years old, for the whole day, and they both dressed in their kimonos that they had gotten at Epcot. She even met another girl with the same kimono on. Most brothers would think it a bother, but he wanted to share the whole cosplay experience with her.

Even now, when he picks up an anime series, he waits for DD to have time, so that they can watch it together. Especially if it was a DVD that they had missed, and has now picked up on Amazon.

My other son, Tim, is a roller coaster enthusiast, having ridden over 200 different roller coasters all over the world (Canada, China, Japan, as well as almost all of the US). When he did the Japan trip, the brothers went together, sharing the experience. One went to experience the coasters, the other the culture. Pete knows some of the Japanese language.

(Japan's White Cyclone, Nagashima Spaland )

(Japan's 4th dimension Eejanaika. According to Tim, that is THE best roller coaster in the world)

(Japan's Vanish, the underwater roller coaster in CosmoLand)

Tokyo Tower, Japan. Modeled after Eiffel Tower. Sons went up to the top

Also visited Tokyo DisneyLand while there

I wrote this, at first, for the introduction to my page, for this week's International Travel challenge, explaining why I picked Japan as my country. But, as you can see, it got 'wordy' and became a blog. Better in the long run, as my page will only be up for a week, then back to 'normal' (whatever that is).
Now you know a little bit more of our family dynamics. And Japanese mangas and anime do have a major part of it. In fact, Tim recenly got married. Pete has the room to himself now, and made a MAJOR re-do. There are large Mario/Donkey Kong decals on the wall, wall scrolls, a Japanese sword, shelves of mangas, and gaming systems. I guess today's words are now 'man cave'. I think the word is 'cool'!
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