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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Well, here I go again. Working toward a blog that's short but sweet. But, as some of my longtime Spark friends know, I don't often achieve that. lol. Here goes.

That last blog about getting my life back was written a month ago. So how did I do?

That week I worked out two days in a row and decided to take a day of rest because my knees were really hurting. That day off turned into the rest of the week. Boooooo. I don't really remember how I ate that week or if I lost any weight.

At this point there is a shift.

I belong to a homeschool support group. They have a "Losers" yahoo group that I've been part of for about a year. Someone brought up the Weigh Down Workshop which is a scripture based weight loss program that came out in the late 90's. I used it myself to lose a bit of weight before my wedding. The premise is that you only eat when you are hungry. God gave us hunger signals such as empty stomach feeling or growling stomach. The program doesn't tell you WHAT to eat, only to pay attention to when you are hungry and full. I watched the basic "Free Weight Loss" series on youtube (a series of 5 videos) and our group decided to try it out.

I started on Monday, October 8th. I didn't tell my hubby, Joe, about it before hand because I've failed at so many things that I try to keep my plans to myself now. Joe is here on SP now, by the way. He started his page today (JOETHEPLUMBER - stop by and say hi!).

Anyway, that day he came home and, out of the blue, said that he wanted to be supportive and make a deal with me. I could be his "nutritionist" if he could be my "trainer". I agreed. I told him about Weigh Down and we watched the videos together. I agreed to his plan and we started the next day. Working out, Monday thru Saturday. I told him only one thing that he had to NOT make me do - run. I wanted to lose about 50 pounds first, considering the stress fracture to my left tibia when I was running earlier this year. He said okay. Two days later, we started the Couch to 5k program. So much for no running! We take my old strength training routines from my personal training sessions earlier this year and use those on tuesdays and thursdays. Saturday we go to our grueling one hour bootcamp at the gym. And Sunday... my day of rest. (Joe isn't very challenged by these daily workouts and so he does Insanity videos at home as well.)

So, how is this new plan working?
I've had some emotional meltdowns, but that's typical of me when working through the hard stuff. I have a tendency to dwell on the REASON why working out is so hard for me - I let myself fall apart. But, moving past that, the rest has been nothing but good.

1. We wake up every morning at 5:15, which solves another problem for me - always had trouble waking up and never hear alarms. I hear it now and I even wake up once in a while before it goes off! We are to the gym by 6 and back by 7.

2. Because the workouts are done early, hubby goes to shower for work while I make his protein shake and lunch. By 7:30 I feel pretty darn accomplished!

3. Joe is MAKING ME stick to a plan. I want to run faster, run more... but he's stubborn. I suppose in the end, making me stick to it will be a good thing. I have a habit of modifying EVERYTHING in life to try to make it more exciting. (Adult ADD, much??)

4. We are keeping each other accountable in regards to food and we are shocked at how much less we eat when we actually wait until we are hungry, eat more slowly and try to recognize full so we never get to "stuffed". We are also helping our two older children to realize this also, since they both have some extra weight that bothers them.

5. This whole "getting up early, going to the gym together, Sarah making breakfasts and lunches, and keeping each other accountable" thing has been a blessing in disguise for our marriage. A bonding experience that was long overdue.

So, there you have it.

Funny, I didn't mention any weight loss on that list! At this point, I'm at about 5 pounds lost in 3 weeks. I am okay with that. I just want to keep making steady progress. I actually feel that the habits being made and improvement in our marriage "outweigh" how much weight I have or haven't lost.

Okay, this turned out to be a long blog. I just can't do short, I guess.

In my last blog I quoted, "DO IT, THEN TALK."
And now, I am.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so in love with this post. I must tell you, I am incredibky inspired. My hubby is now my personal trainer and we have the same agreement, I do the food and he does the training. I have a day of rest today because it is my birthday. This is also a confirmation that we are on the right track. I will keep you in my prayers and you do the same for me. Let's compare progress. I LOVE THIS! I LOVE THIS!!
    2950 days ago
    I LOVE this Sarah! LOVE that you and Joe are working together instead of apart and/or against each other!!! I have done Weigh Down before...

    Keep going, the habits you are building will LEAD to weight loss!

    2951 days ago
    Good job Sarah, and I'm glad it's giving you bonding time with your husband :)
    2952 days ago
    First I have to be honest. I feel like I just read a stranger's blog. But I am a forgiving soul. I am extremely proud if you both, Sarah and Joe. That is a lot of work. Don't let melt downs get you down Sarah. They bring us closer to the Lord and give us strength if we learn from it. Keep on keeping on. You will be Soooo happy you did all of this work!
    2952 days ago
    This has been 3 of the best weeks in our marriage! Very proud of you, and I have a lot of respect for the hard work your putting in. I'm very excited about working together on our goals instead of trying to both do our own thing. Enjoy your day off! Back to the grind on Monday emoticon
    2952 days ago
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