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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There is a clothing store near my home that is going out of business. Probably at least half of my wardrobe is from that store. With their prices all being 40-60% off right now, it's SOOOOO tempting to go in and buy a bunch of clothes. But at the same time - I hate clothes shopping! Just another reminder of how fat I am, right?

But, as some of you read in my last blog, I do like to look nice, all the time. It's part of me. I don't do pj's in public and rarely wear even a sweatshirt because I am too afraid of looking sloppy. Sooo, again, clothing store with cute clothes and deep discounts?? It's the perfect storm.

Wait! I am trying to get thin and healthy! Hello! I cannot, and will not, go out and buy more fat lady clothes! Not until I start dropping sizes. Now, there are some things out of my control. A few weeks ago I noticed that the thin area on the inner thigh of my jeans had turned into a hole. As much as I hated to, I spent $25 on a new pair at Target. And, I haven't bought a new zip up (or button down) sweater in a few years to wear with my short sleeved shirts in winter. I know I need to get one. I avoided it last year because everything I saw was either sloppy looking or too expensive. And now, I only have one sweater, it's stretched out and too big and sloppy looking (and brown so it doesn't go with a lot of my black or gray clothing). It's time for a nice sweater. But other than that and a pair of boots, I should be set on shoes and clothes until spring when I hope to be buying new clothes a few sizes smaller.

My hubby has taken over laundry, and I am grateful. But he just doesn't see the importance of my shirts not getting dried in the dryer. If my shirts all shrink, I'll be forced to buy more fat lady clothes. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I know that I will end up buying more fat lady clothes no matter what. I will not magically jump from a 24 to an 8 or 10. But I at least want to wait until I can buy 18's or 20's and not more of what I already have plenty of.

Annnnndd, on the workout front, almost completed 4 weeks of 6x a week workouts. Today we did Week 4 Day 2 of C25K. It was rough. Just a few months ago I could run 30 minutes with no break. Now, since the stress fracture and taking a month off in the hopes (notice I said HOPES) that my knees would get better, I lost all that progress. It's a bummer, starting over like a newbie. But I am starting to feel pain in that same left tibia area again. I read on some running forums that people can get twinges of pain in old injury sites, especially stress fractures. It doesn't necessarily mean it's injured again. I am trying to think of a way to keep up my progress and not REGRESS and not injure myself. Joe and I have been debating on whether or not to stop the running program, but seriously, it means so much to me to be able to say I finished it. And, last time my leg pain was never actually diagnosed as a stress fracture and no fracture was seen on the x-ray. Dr said it probably was, but results were not conclusive. What if back in March I COULD HAVE kept running. I don't want that to happen again. So, my plan is that I will finish out Week 4. This weekend I will skip the one hour bootcamp which can be brutal on your legs. Hubby and I are going to put together a ST routine that focuses on arms and abs for my Saturday workout instead. Then Sunday is off, then next week we will do Week 4 again. Week 5 is quite a bit harder than Week 4. By the end of Week 5 I would be running 20 minutes without stopping. I think my leg needs some recoup time. I really hope that the extra week will do the trick and I don't have to stop running AGAIN.

Well, there you have it. No more fat lady clothes and the great "to run or not to run" debate.

A nap sounds good right about now...
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    I buy fat lady clothes when I need to. But I look at second hand clothes first. There is a Goodwill in a neighboring town, and the neighboring town is very upscale, new, and modern. When I am there, I stop by Goodwill but I won't go to the crappy Goodwill in my town. Waste of time.

    Then I shop clearance racks.

    At both places I only buy high quality clothes that have classic styling and complement what I already have; I am very picky and only buy it if I need it, if I love it, and if it's high quality (instead of some of the crap you see on clearance racks). Anytime I have mixed feelings about an item and am trying to decide if I should buy it, I take that as a sign to NOT buy it! Mixed feelings are a neon-flashing red flag.

    I also make sure they are washable as I wash everything from Goodwill, and I am too frugal to pay for cleaning.

    That way they won't go out of style since they are classic, and they can mix and match with pieces I already have, and high quality upper-end clothes fit better because they are cut better (the anti-sloppiness factor), and I feel better when I wear better-than-average-clothes, that are pieces that I love and don't have mixed feelings about.

    I update and look faddish and modern when I want to via accessories. Not via the clothing pieces themselves.

    I have too many clothes. You'd think I'd have trouble finding what I need while being that picky with that many qualifiers; but no!

    As they "get looser" I take them to Goodwill.
    2901 days ago
    Hey I hear you. Most times it's never understood that breaks have to be taken when exercising. Breaks can be taken by varying muscle groups, but my own new found understanding has been that 2 days on 1 day off works best. It allows muscles to GROW as they rest. YES it's true! You won't lose progress by taking a day off every 3rd day. I know it seems frustrating when you want to exercise but, take the day off anyway, or just do situps or anything else that keeps the strain off of your more regularly favoured exercise muscles. And don't worry. you WON'T lose momentum during that off-day. use the time instead to plan a weekly menu or go for a walk, or play with the kids. All movement is valuable! :) ALL.

    Did you see the movie The Amazing Spider Man? I mean the one with Toby McGuire. I remember there's a scene when his uncle says he'll drive him downtown to the library because, as he puts it "I need the exercise" - I found myself balking at that at the time until one day, I actually noticed, while driving somewhere myself, how many actual muscles I use in just driving a car somewhere - especially if I'm shopping for groceries, or even just steering. It's incredible. SEniors would indeed get a lot out of such "exercise" and maybe us young'uns shouldn't discount it either! :)

    It's a constant struggle but I've always found playing it safe seems to have ultimately benefitted me in the long run... I hope you find your way in this. Pain sucks - especially pain that shuts you down for extended periods of time!

    You can do it! emoticon
    2928 days ago
    (((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) You MIGHT consider going to some place like Salvation Army or Good Will. Honestly, I am not a fashionista, but there is really good, quality clothing to be found. Yes, it takes some looking, but you can find it and the good part is two-fold:

    1. You're getting a BARGAIN!

    2. You're supporting a mission to employ those that have challenges of one sort or another. That makes me feel good.

    Just some rambling thoughts for you.

    HUGS and I applaud you for wanting to look good! I am not a sloppy dresser either. Never was, never will be.

    It took YEARS of training for DH to learn IF he does put things in the dryer, my shirts and blouses do NOT go in there! I am grateful for his help, needless to say, but when it creates more work for me . . . well . . . not so much1

    Hang in there.
    2947 days ago
    You seem to be doing really well! So happy for you! Keep up the great work Sarah!
    2947 days ago
    Like you said, you won't magically jump 12 sizes so I would take advantage of the sale. However, I would by a few wardbrobe staples in that size 20 that you want to get into. Staples like black slacks, button up tops, a nice blouse. Something that is classically pretty and won't go out of style in six months. That way you have something visual to work towards and you won't have to walk around in baggy clothes when the weight starts falling off.
    2948 days ago
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