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I don't believe it!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I got on the scale and not only have I not lost weight (despite exercising almost every day and making very healthy food choices) I have actually GAINED weight!! And not only weight but inches, so I cannot claim muscle weight as the culprit.
I got so disgusted that i thought to myself, "What is the point then of being good??" and I ate a Symphony bar.

It's obvious that something is wrong. I am not cheating on my food logs. But something is not adding up. I know that I am almost completely sedentary. I have been eating 1200 calories (or 1400 if I do cardio that day)....You are not supposed to eat less than 1200 calories in a day but it honestly seems that my body will not lose weight unless I do something more extreme.

There was a diet floating around the Christian circuit a few years back....and the premise of that diet was to only eat when your body felt physical hunger pains. And at that point you could eat what ever you wanted as long as you stopped once you were no longer hungry. I'm thinking of combining that diet with a healthy eating plan. I will make healthy choices (okay....no more Symphony bars!) but I won't eat until the tummy rumbles.

Years ago I was anorexic. I am very familiar with the sensation of hunger. And it's true that these days, that sensation is rare! Maybe I need to reacquaint myself with it in order to kickstart some weight loss.

So that is my new plan. That and to continue the exercises. Wish me luck!!
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    When I was staing at the low end of my calories, I just could not lose. It seems counter-productive, but I actually had to increase my calories to lose weight. If you have your intake too low, your body goes into "starvation" or "survival" mode and stores everything you put in. Literally everything. Your metabolism slows to nearly zero (I've been told this by more nutrition experts than you can imagine). You have battled an eating disorder, you know what I am telling you. You need to give your body more fuel so it will start burning it instead of storing it. Trust me. I've been as high as nearly 400. I am currently 282. And steadily going down. And give it time to work. And being sedentary doesn't mean you can't exercise. There are plenty of seated exercise videos on spark, just look them up. I'm partial to Coach Nicole. You can modify any of them to YOUR fitness level. Most of them are about 10 minutes. There are even laying down ones. You can do this, you really can. I'll be praying for you and pulling for you!
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    2831 days ago
  • MEME102
    Weighdown Workshop, wasn't it?? That's the ONLY thing I remember from the 6-8 week film series....that God has already given us the ONE tool we need to lose weight -- our appetites. Too often we have lost touch with that. I did do it for a few months...and I did...and actually still can -- take a Hershey bar and make it last 3 days!!! Now if I plan for it I dn't have to do that but you get the idea. I have also paid enough attention and when I go out to eat -- I often bring half home b/c I'm actually filled (NOT full!) by the halfway point.....I do think its a good concept. Never have had to deal with anorexia...so I'm glad you've overcome that. Sometimes when we've been good for one week -- it sometimes takes me TWO weeks (or more) for it to show up. (but go the other way and that shows up the next day!!!) Good luck to you and find out what works for you...
    2832 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Maybe you have to look at WHAT you are eating as opposed to just the calories. Are they well balanced meals? Do you get enough fruits and veggies in a day? Protein and a little bit of fat (which you need to absorb certain nutrients). Sparks suggests mini meals throughout the day to keep the metabolism going and to prevent blood sugar spikes.. You don't have much choice when you can't exercise. You have to plan your meals carefully, accurately weighing and measuring and tracking absolutely everything you eat, down to the smallest bite. I can tell you Mom was getting sick of weighing everything before I ate it when I was recovering at her house from my surgeries :P But it worked, never gained an ounce when I was laid off from exercising. If she offered me a treat I would not eat it if it meant going over calories. I still weigh every little thing. It works for me. Its so easy to guess wrong.
    Good luck with it Cynthia. You could always consult with a Dietition too.
    2833 days ago
    Good luck with that!!
    2833 days ago
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