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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I have a gross confession to make....I didn't realize it at first but when I weighed myself the other day I was quite constipated....and when I got on the scale and said "Sh*t" -- it really was. Yesterday I righted that problem and today re-weighed myself to find that (despite really BAD choices the past two days) I was the same weight as I'd been the week before. And Had I not freaked out and eaten the house in discouragement these past two days I might have actually LOST some weight.

So today I'm back on track having discovered that making good choices just plain feels BETTER than screwing up. Even without any corresponding rewards from the scale....being good is its own reward.

So I'm back to it. And I've decided today to attempt to challenge my sedentary lifestyle and insert ten minute "bursts" of activity. Maybe I will go up and down the stairs a few times Or maybe I will walk the length of my driveway a few times. Or maybe do an extra ten minutes on my bike....or the treadmill. I have lots of options. Just need to DO them.

I hate to go into this surgery in two weeks being as weak as a baby....which I currently am... I also hate to have to break up my streak of exercise with some weeks of recovery. This time I can't even do the upper body exercises I used to do because my shoulders are shot as are my elbows and wrists. But I will at least do my PT exercises several times a day. I can at least do that much. And I will ask my PT to design a workout for me to do. One that I can maintain. One that will not harm my new hip

And always I can monitor what I put into my mouth. It is not necessary to eat poorly....although I will probably be at the mercy of whatever is provided for me at first,...until I am able to once again, prepare my own meals

So the lesson here is: if the scale says something completely irrational then DON"T BELIEVE it ---because there is a very good chance that it is a misleading weight and you should keep on keeping on because the day will come when you receive your reward for your hard labor and right choices.
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    I too have had a real shocker the past week with the whole 8 pound gain. Well, yesterday I spent half the day in the potty and the other half sweating in our 78 degree weather, and I lost 4 pounds immediately. My clothes still fit, my PJs are bagging on me, which means that I loce them more than every now, and Iam still rocking my workouts.

    So I am not going to look at that dang scale every day and I don't care what it says. If I feel great, then I fel great. If I feel like poo, that's just it... I will feel like poo. So, that scale is not going to define who hard I work out as I will end up killing myself if I do. And I know I keep saying this, but I really need to listen to myself and others this time. I was stressed out about stressing out over the scale. IDIOCY, and total circle of chaos for me.

    I am hoping that you now have some help lined up for when you come home. My father retired officially to day when there was no run for him, so now I am stuck with my parents and would gladly send them your way if you need them! Mom is a great cook, and Dad is a barrel of laughs - which he woke me up with today! But they did wait until AFTER they had scrabled eggs and bacon to wake me up. They will even sleep in the rig, so as not to barge into your house! Please? Can I send them to you? (LOL!)

    Happy Holiday and all that jazz. Please let us know if there is anything we can do befor eyour surgery to cheer you up. Maybe send you a box of Culturelle? It does seem to work!


    2832 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    There are so many factors that enter into the number on the scale. I say like Linda, that with all the pain killers we're on, no wonder we have such trouble with our G.I. Tracts! Another gal here on SP told me about magnesium for being plugged up and that can really help but I have to lessen it when I start getting too loose. There's a happy medium I guess. I love the 10 min. increments with exercising! I know that's how I've had success. It's mainly all been on my recumbent bike too. Maybe 12 min. one time and then 8 another and then another 10 or so. I can feel my heart pumping after each time while I'm working around so I know that it's still working at burning up calories! ya! Little by little you're doing it, with every day. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2832 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Unfortunately, painkillers have that nasty side effect of constipation. After a month of severe diarrhea, I almost rather be back to it. You have found out why you should not be putting a whole lot of angst into that scale. So many factors affect the results -from how well hydrated you are (or not) or bloating from TOM, having too much salty (processed) food etc., etc. I personally worry if its harder to do up my pants as they are well fitted and it doesn't take much of a gain to notice, especially as my weight goes right to the pot belly. All you can really do is eat properly, do what you can for movement (I say movement, not exercise -I fear for your safety trying stairs in your current state.) Falls come to easily for you, so you might as well start training for limited activity. Exercises given to me for my hip replacement recovery were: marching in place, side stepping, squats (not too low of course), leg raises (hang onto something solid for balance), always, of course, being mindful not to go past 90 degree bend.
    Glad you found what your problem was, but sorry it has to be that. I actually lose my appetite when I am bunged up -its a totally unpleasant thought stuffing anything more in my GI tract unless I can get stuff out.
    Do your best within your limitations, but please, please PLEASE be extra careful!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2833 days ago
  • SUNSHINE99999
    true indeed. success to reaching your goals. emoticon
    2833 days ago
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