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Day 418: Now For Something Completely Different...

Thursday, January 03, 2013

...I think that's an old line from Monty Python.

I've been tinkering with a end-of-2012 / start-of-2013 blog, but I ran across a meme over on ONEKIDSMOM's page that (ahem) called to me. In a serendipitous moment I decided, aha, Blog o'the Day. The answers are supposed to be one word. Those of you who know me are already ROTFL. Those who don't know me will probably soon see why.

So without further ado, for your entertainment and enlightenment - maybe - I present:

Where is your cell phone? pocketbook... point being, not on charge

Spouse? yes, who will be griping when the phone has no juice

Your hair? GAH

Your mother? mmm hmm

Your father? deceased

Your favourite thing? computer

Your dream last night? what dream? did I miss something?

Favorite drink? herbal tea

What room are you in? my library (mine mine mine)

Your hobby? hobbIES

Your fear? everything, pretty much

Where do you want to be in 6 years? living within my means

Where were you last night? home

Something that you aren't? wealthy

Muffins? I wish

Wish list item? see previous item

Last thing you did? knitting

What are you wearing? jeans & tee

Your pets? no, sadly

Friends? far and wide

Your life? pretty good

Your mood? mmphf

Missing someone? always

Drinking? nope

Your car? Smart

Something you're not wearing? jewelry

Your favorite store? pick a bookstore, any bookstore

Your favorite color? pink ...no, wait, lavender... no, no, blue, really, kind of a bluey-green soft aqua... midnight blue! I mean it this time, I really do - silver... um... jungle green... um... can I get back to you on this one?

When is the last time you cried? Christmas, maybe? dunno...

Where do you go over and over? grocery store... and over and over and over and over... *sigh*

Five people who email me regularly? Whitman's Sampler

Favourite place to eat? my house!

Favourite place I'd like to be right now? anyplace warm

Bottom line: things're okay. So far. How's by you?

Now, that wasn't too bad, was it? lol... G'night, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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