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Day 427B: Saturday Night Round-Up

Saturday, January 12, 2013

...which is really just a way of saying "miscellaneous short subjects."

Bad night last night, but it was my own fault.

I know if I take a painkiller any stronger than plain ol' enteric-coated (there's the key right there) aspirin I am in for stomach trouble. But last night between the knee-ache and the "it's been throbbing all day" headache, I thought, "Well, I'll take the Omeprazole, and I'll eat a bowl of oatmeal (I always have mine plain, made with water, not milk), then I'll take the co-codamol, then I'll get right to sleep. Even if it does bother me, I'll sleep through it and it should be all right by morning."

Two hours later I woke up drenched in sweat and curled into a ball around my stomach. Agony don't half describe it.

It was another two hours before tummy settled down to a dull roar and I finally dropped off to sleep. Exhausted.

Lesson learned. Today I threw out the rest of the co-codamol tablets. And the next time Doogie Howser or one of his associates says "Oh, you can take them, as long as you take THIS (Omeprazole) first" - nuh uh. Not on your life.

* * *

So today I had a good reason for doing virtually nothing. (In all honesty, I don't think I'd want to try doing anything too complicated; my brain is still half-asleep, and I plan to go to bed really early tonight - like, in a little while early.)

I had a message from a probably-about-16-times-remove
d cousin. The note started "Hey, I think I found thus-and-so!" I had no idea so many handwritten records have been digitized and were available online. By golly.

I've spent most of the afternoon and an hour or so this evening reading crabbed script (or trying to) and cross-referencing names / dates / places (or trying to) and fitting the pieces of the genealogy jigsaw together (or trying to). And if I'm right - IF, that is - then I have advanced one branch of my family back to a set of great-great-great-great-great-
great- grandparents. We are talking 1714 or thereabouts.

I figure it will turn out to have a misturning somewhere and not be the people I think they are (surname Cross - as if there aren't a gazillion). But for today, while I have the outline in front of me - it's right, it's real, and ain't that exciting!

* * *

I'm doing fairly well with the resolutions. Except for a time-awareness / organization, I'm not sure I addressed "housework" as such. Probably a reason for that.

I like a neat 'n' tidy house. When the kids were home and I was a (relatively) young hausfrau, I had a system that worked pretty well, with a "tickler file." Any of you who have been secretaries, before the job developed into "personal assistants," will know what I'm talking about.

I've never gotten a system set up here, which in turn means I've yet to get organized. Ah well. With just the two of us, it's not so crucial, is it?

Until the realtor calls to say someone wants to see the house.

'nuff said.

* * *

A brief blip about the knee: SEAWAVE, thank you! She nudged me to be sure to keep up with some physical therapy and not wait till the appointment - several of you pointed out that I shouldn't just sit around waiting until the end of February. And right you are.

So today, since SEAWAVE has put some steel in my spine (or placed a well-planted foot where it'll do the most good, lol), I've got a new determination to get it working before the physio. There are plenty of exercises and leg-strengtheners I can do without machines and without a trainer. It will not only keep my knee more flexible, it should give me a good foundation to work from once I get to the formal program.

How's that for a plan?

* * *

And I think that'll do it. My stomach is tetchy, sending up signals along the lines of "You better not forget what that stuff does, because next time it'll be porcelain-hugging all night." Shades of my misspent youth.

G'night, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ONUTHIN125
    emoticon emoticon
    2974 days ago
    OH MY !!! Well def a reason to stay away from that med, no more, no more !!!!

    Your plan for the knee movement sounds like a good one to me as well. Just some sort of gentle movement has to be good. At least that makes sense to me, but I have no medical knowledge even though I work in a hospital.

    I am being very successful so far with my goals to make fitness a part of everyday, some form of fitness at least. I am def surprising myself, so I will just go with the flow for now.

    Hope you are having a peaceful relaxing Sunday across the pond.

    Oh yeah and ..... GO RAVENS !!!!
    2974 days ago
    Oh Kasdey--I hate nites like that--I guess we've all been there!--You WILL sleep to-nite!--(small consolation eh?)--- You and that knee is like my knee thing--which is better by the way--and heel--which is better too--Lordy Lordy!--I guess never give up --and the pains and aches eventually go--I had to cut back on exercise tho--never quit--but went slower---Hope you get a nap in to-day emoticon -Lynda
    2974 days ago
    Ouch, that sounded like a hard night! I had the feeling of a migraine coming up yesterday so I am really grateful that I woke up this morning without it. You are obviously trying to sell your house... and moving to? Smaller? Bigger?
    2974 days ago
    Praying you sleep well tonight
    2974 days ago
    Wishing you a better night's rest...sleep well emoticon
    2974 days ago
    Sorry about your side effects induced bad episode. Love the moon photo, though... hopefully a little meditation instead of medication... feel better, Kasey!
    2975 days ago
    Sleep Well! emoticon
    2975 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Sorry about the bad night. But how exciting about the 6X great grandparents. I've just been in contact with another newfound cousin (4th, once removed) in this part of the world! More here than in the UK! It's exciting stuff at both ends of the tree, isn't it? Happy genealogy and working on that mobility.
    2975 days ago
    REally, you need to be taking that for several days for it to kick in---my dh takes it so I know from whence I speak(how's that for old English--LOL) Wow on being able to trace ancestry that far back---pretty cool---and glad you are going to do activities to keep the knee limber.
    2975 days ago
    Rough night. Hope you get some good rest tonight. emoticon
    2975 days ago
    That's the pits! I sure hope you do better tonight!

    I must have missed what's wrong with your knee, but if it's arthritis ... start getting cherries in some form in you every day. There's a substance in them that helps arthritis (& gout too, for that matter). I also take a couple of hyaluronic acid capsules every day (especially in winter, when it's cold) & between the two, I don't suffer with my knees at all.

    The only thing that ever helped my screamer headaches was codeine, but you probably don't want to go there ...
    2975 days ago
    Hope you have a better night tonight. Hug.
    2975 days ago
    Whoa; I hope you feel better tonight. It sounds like you have a good plan to fix your knee. I had to rehab mine. I found that doing a little often is the key. I hope you have success too, take care. emoticon
    2975 days ago
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