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Dear Miss 16 yr. old...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Big dreams, want to fly a fighter jet, duh! You're a GIRL...want to sing...UMMM no money for lessons.....want to be a Stewardess....need a nursing degree.....no money for that either!!

The above were the limitations to becoming the things I wanted most in life (oh, yeah and a FIGURE, you know hips, trim waist and ummm, boobs)!

Well, Miss 16, shaped like a box and only 5'2", thinking wow, am I ever going to grow up, be beautiful, have a gorgeous pageboy hairdo??

I wish I could go back and have a serious chat with that young lady to let her know that all those dreams, wishes and wants would absolutely become hers in the years ahead (well, never did fly that fighter plane or become a stewardess, but VERY CLOSE)...Anyway, it was a healthy thing to have those dreams little girl, you wanted MORE out of life than what your Mom, Aunts, or Granma had. You wanted to "go East young lady", telling anyone who would listen, I'm going to live in New York when I grow up!! You did join the Air Force and got close enough to those awesome airplanes you so adored, being part of history and ultimately winding up in your dream state - New York!!

I would say to you, good on you for not giving up on at least some of your dreams. But, I think I would have encouraged you to get more education along the way. I know you turned out pretty intelligent, worldly and well rounded, all by your own doing, proud of you!!! Still, having an advanced degree might have been a fun thing to try!!

All in all, Miss 16, I'm pretty proud of the way you turned out, but I sure don't think it was me that had much to do with it!!!

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