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A to Z about me

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I saw this on Claires blog and I thought it looked like fun. A- Available or married Im married to my best friend for 21 years. I met Bill when I was 23 and married him when I was 29. B-book currently reading Marty Vaughn for my book club. Its about the authors mother growing up in 19th century Iowa. I actually knew the authors daughter who is mentioned in the dedication page. I bought produce from her and talked to her many times at a farmers market. We even talked about her mothers book which I never dreamed would actually be published. I met her mother too but only once. I love books and Im always reading something! C- cake or pie I prefer pie Cake is too dry unless its with ice cream. D drink of choice starbucks coffee E essential items my books, my knitting supplies and yarn stash, and my computer and my fitbit. I guess Im high maintenance after all. F- Favorite color Blue G-games to watch or play 2 board games Monopoly and Trouble H- hometown I was born in Prarie Du Chien, Wisconsin but I grew up in Monona, Iowa. I- Indulgence butter brickle ice cream with chocolate syrup J- Job Ive been a RN on a medical floor for close to 22 years. I love it. I feel like I make a difference by offering comfort to my patients and their families. Sometimes I can help someones road to recovery and sometimes I offer comfort, concern for the end of lifes journey. My job is stressful emotionally and physically but its worth it. K- kids I have 9. I always wanted a big family because I was a only child. I have 6 sons and 3 daughters, My sons are Michael, Jesse, Nicholas, Christopher, Kyle and Ryan. My daughters are Elizabeth, Melissa and Cassandra. L- Life is incomplete without friends and family! M- Music group Casting Crowns My favorite songs by them are I will praise you in this storm and Lifesong N- Number of siblings none O- oranges and apples Both I usually eat one of each every day. P- Phobias or fears- I cant watch horror movies it scares me too much and then I have to leave the light on all night. Q- Favorite quote- I once read a book where a younger woman stole the main characters husband. At the end of the book the wife gives up and takes her husbands stuff to the other womans apt. The other woman tells the wife you mean I won. I love the wifes reply " I guess that depends on exactly what you think you've won" R- Reason to smile- My children, my husband, my friends, My grandchildren, my patients. S- Season all of them except winter T- tattoos none I never wanted any. U- Unknown fact about me- Although I love people I treasure my few precious minutes of alone time. V- vegetable I love Brussel sprouts W- worst habit binge eating Its getting better but its not gone yet. X- Xrays Back and knee last Thursday I have arthritis and degenerative scoliosis causing back and knee pain. I have to go to physical therapy. Y- your favorite food - there are so many but pizza if I have to choose one. Z- zodiac Im a Taurus.
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