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Saturday, March 02, 2013

I've been upset since I'm still losing weight. I ate much more than usual yesterday. I went out with my son and I planned to eat well as much as I could comfortably. It turned out that it wasn't comfortable on the way home since I got horrible gas. I wouldn't call it a cheat day since I'm on maintenance and it was planned.

Anyway, back to being upset about losing weight. The scale is higher than it has been today (124) since I ate a lot yesterday and I always gain two or three pounds temporarily after eating more food than usual. That weight comes off in two to four days without me doing anything about it. I tell myself it takes a lot of water to digest carbohydrates and that is the cause of the temporary weight gain.

My weight before seeing my son was 122 pounds. I haven't been that light since I was sixteen and I had health problems. Being that small again reminds me of that. I tell myself that continuing to lose weight isn't a sign of ill health on its own. I'm going on a walk in a few weeks. I don't know if I'll have to start in April since I need to use all my money to fix my tooth. I might be able to go this month anyway.

Walking all those hours a day with 25 pounds or more on my back is likely to burn lots of calories. I might need to eat a lot more than I do now to keep my weight up as a walk from Georgia to Maine. My appetite might adjust naturally. I might even gain weight due to my appetite compensating too much. I've gained weight while exercising many years before, but I've usually lose weight while exercising.

Since I had that awful pain last night from eating more than usual, it's not likely that I'll want to repeat that experience in the near future. I don't want to have that type of gas on the regular basis. I've been sick from eating more than usual more times than I care to remember (more than usual is often a restaurant size meal without a dessert). Sometimes, it's so bad that I spend the night on the toilet or vomiting or both. Last night, I got off easy.

Today, I don't feel like eating since I had such bad gas last night. Oh, well. I should get ready to go to the gym now.

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    Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry... I get really sick when I eat certain foods too.. unbearable headaches and sinus [probably allergies or something] but I can relate to being tired of not feeling good. Some headaches are so extreme I question how smart I am because I keep eating the same things [knowingly] that bring them on. emoticon Like wheat, I'm not gluten intolerant but I do think I'm allergic to it. Some times breaking out in hives. emoticon

    Anyway, I don't know a lot about gaining weight, but what happens if you eat more of the healthier choices from home? Maybe Fast Food is the culprit??? I mean we really don't know what their putting in our food when we eat out at a restaurant. How do you do on pasta? My brother in law is a runner and he eats a ton of pasta with beans... emoticon Whatever you eat, I wish you all the best!!! emoticon
    2790 days ago
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