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Restaurant food

Monday, March 04, 2013

I know I'm sensitive to something in restaurant food. I had pizza the night before I got sick. I had a large muffin at a bakery that morning. I had lunch at a buffet type restaurant. I've got sick from restaurant food many times before. I know that eating at night is very bad for me and I no longer do it. I know too much fat or protein at a time causes me problems. Too much protein may give me headaches and nausea. Too much fat, I get gas and sometimes vomiting and/or diarrhea .

I recall a plate of pasta with butter making me terribly, terribly ill. As a young adult, I would say to myself that pizza was a diet food since I did feel like eating for at least a day afterward since the gas was so bad. I didn't diet as a young adult. My weight was fairly stable and I knew from past experience that dieting was temporary and likely to make me sick.

I have gotten queasy from one muffin from popular donut place. I know that I sensitive to high fructose corn syrup. It's very likely that I had a lot of that in sweetened tea, in the muffin and in the food at the buffet. High fructose corn syrup might make me feel fake hunger, slight nausea. I usually say that it makes me stomach feel weird since in small quantity it's not terribly uncomfortable.

I know that I need to keep my portion small at restaurants to avoid discomfort. It's just that sometimes I get away with a big meal without discomfort. I'll need to be careful not to eat a lot at one time to avoid this problem. If I eat too much at one time or if I eat lots of restaurant meals in a week, I get stomach discomfort or worse. I'm sure that hyperpalatable food that many people including myself have blogged about is a large part of the problem. I guess that I can't tolerate one or more ingredients that is common in prepared food. The too much protein or fat problems usually happens in restaurants as well.

Foods eaten at home rarely make me sick even in larger quantity unless I eat less than three hours before going to sleep. If I have more than a small snack before bed, I will be ill. I skip dinner if it gets to nine o'clock at night and I still haven't eaten. I try to have dinner most nights between six thirty and eight: time I start eating. That time is late enough that I don't get hungry before going to bed and early enough that most of my food is digested before I go to sleep at eleven or so.

It's easy to say that restaurant portions are just too big. However, I can feel ill from a small portion like a small mixed coffee drink or a few bites of muffin. I've been to restaurants and I can't even eat more than half a pancake. The food just feels wrong. I'm sure something used to make restaurant food tasty doesn't agree with me. I don't eat at the typical fast food restaurant. Even Subway's sandwiches make me ill. The bread tastes odd.

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    I wonder what a Health nutritionist or Homeopathic doctor would have to say about these issues? Not that I trust them 100% since they over dozed me on iron and never did figure out what was causing my side & backache [took an Internalist to figure out it was an infection or somthing]. emoticon I'm guessing they would probably tell you not to eat out ..and that is not realistic if you have family.

    I do hope you get to feeling better...
    2794 days ago
    There's a lot of preservatives in restaurant food that probably don't agree with you. I much prefer home cooked meals myself.
    2795 days ago
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