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Day 486: There will be some who wonder...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

...how we went from 484 to 445 to 486. Rest assured, 486 is on track. I think. Or at least we're gonna call it "Day 486," and just leave it at that.

Whatta couple of days!

For Christmas the kids gave us a two-day break at a spa-resort-hotel in the Lake District. Since it had to be used on weekdays (not a problem for us OAPs - old-age pensioners) and we wanted to avoid any holiday run-ins (there was Valentine's Day, plus Mother's Day in the UK was last Sunday, and of course Easter falls at the end of this month) and it had to be used by the end of April, and we didn't want to go in January, right after Christmas and with the weather what it was, and - you get the picture.

At any rate, we picked this week, cleared the decks, and set out early Tuesday morning.

Halfway between home and the hotel is a National Trust house called Sizergh Castle that we'd never been to. I had packed a picnic lunch (sounds like a big deal, but it was a great way to use the last of the fresh food at home, things that wouldn't have kept well for a few days, such as bananas, some super-ripe pears, etc) and with our timing, we planned to tour the house ( it's called "castle" but it's actually a really big, really old house), get some coffee from their coffee shop, and have our lunch.

The best laid plans...

The house opens at 1, but they have a couple of "preview" tours they do at 12 and 12:30. Since they had two places left on the noon tour, we grabbed them, figuring we'd eat after, then maybe go back through the house to spend more time on things that caught our attention.

We start in the entryway. The guide talked a little about the family, their history, and some of the items - paintings, sculpture, a tapestry, and so on - on display. Up the stairs, into the first room (which frankly I don't remember now) and the guide begins to speak - I don't see Himself. Very unusual, that. He's just about 6'4", and generally towers over most people.

Then I spot him sitting in a "guest chair" (maintained for the elderly, infirm, those unsteady on their feet, whatever) on the fringe of the room.

VERY unusual.

I went over to him and murmured, "You okay?" "No." Uh-oh.

There was another National Trust employee along on the tour, and as the guide led the group to the next room, this man asked what was wrong.

Himself had gone an ashen gray color - I honestly wondered if he was going to faint - when he said "I'm going to be sick, can you get me a basin?"

The aide rang his emergency buzzer, and two staff people came on the run. One went charging off for a basin, but before she got back, it was too late. Himself was mortified, but I was really scared he was on the verge of a heart-attack or something.

He began to feel a little better, and we wondered if something he'd eaten for breakfast had perhaps been tainted, causing mild food poisoning. His color returned, he assured everyone he was feeling much better, apologized profusely for the mess and bother (they were so kind about it, and genuinely concerned for him). We stopped in the café where he had two plain biscuits and a large glass of water.

We decided to head on up the road and get to the hotel, so he could relax.

I think we only had to stop twice for him to get out of the car and (literally) toss his cookies.

At the hotel, we checked in, he was violently ill, and only began to recover a bit by this morning, eating a light breakfast. I was worried more about dehydration than anything else.

Early this evening, I forced him (men! sexist remark, I know, but it seems to me men are so much more stubborn about seeing a doctor) to go to the GP, who has office hours on Thursday nights.

Probably a mild flu, perhaps blunted a bit thanks to the flu-shot he had last fall. He's on his way to recovery, though she told him he can expect the usual post-flu symptoms for a week or two - general weakness, perhaps a little queasiness, that kind of thing.

He's busy apologizing to me left and right, for "spoiling our little holiday." I'm tempted to milk it for awhile, but between you and me? I'm just so glad he's better, and it seems to have been a short-lived illness, and most of all, that we're back home so he can recover comfortably.

Now you know where I've been the last three days, why I had a crap connection, and how come I didn't have much chance to blog anything, let alone something fun and chatty. Relief, gratitude, and appreciation are the order of the day, but hopefully everything'll be back to normal by tomorrow.

Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The best laid plans! Glad everyone is now well!
    2912 days ago
    I read the latest and then had to read back to figure out what you meant! Oh dear, not good a'tall! I'm glad it seems to be passing quickly, but it appears he purged most of the nastiness out of his system. Glad you are so proactive and got him to a doc! Well wishes to himself!
    2912 days ago
    I find it interesting that nowqdays when myself or a person at my age gets sick I get really scared, thinking "this might be it" and all kinds of symptoms for storke, heart attack or aggresive cancer rushes through my head. 20 years ago I would have thougt "oh well, probably ate something bad"... and being supportive and caring, but not really scared...
    Glad you got an explanation that is not deadly!
    2912 days ago
    I'm sorry your holiday went south, but so relieved that Himself was only taken by a nasty bug and not from something worse...although I imagine his public stomach upset felt infinitely worse to him than anything that came after! This has certainly been the year for flu-and-such, hasn't it? Hope he's back to 100% soon!
    2913 days ago
    Too bad the holiday was ruined---but those things do happen--there is a nasty stomach flu going around here, too. Hope you can go back to that house sometime soon to enjoy it.
    2913 days ago
    Trust Himself is back to normal again and fully recovered....
    2913 days ago
  • POPSY190
    What a shame. We had a similar experience on a very loooooonnnnng bus trip in Australia. Mortification doesn't even begin to cover it! But I know what you mean a. about men (I had to get a nurse at the after hours clinic to talk to mine before he'd agree to me getting an ambulance when he had the stroke.) and b. the relief when all is not as serious as feared. I hope you both recover soon from the experience!
    2913 days ago
    Hate it when me or anyone I am travelling with is ill on holidays.... and somehow it always inevitably happens....
    2913 days ago
    What a disappointment. Our last two "days away" were similar, so we haven't gone anywhere for 7 yrs. I hope he recovers well and that you can steer clear of the flu bug. Don't wait 7 yrs. to try again. emoticon
    2913 days ago
  • SROUS1340
    So glad to here he's fine. How very scary, tho and bummer about your vacation. At least you have a happy ending!
    2913 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11085628
    Goodness! I hope he's feeling better. The flu hit this area very hard and my family had a rough time of it.
    I haven't been sparking much due to family medical situations. Mom had a surgery three weeks ago, my brother two weeks ago, and my sister-in-law last week. I'm the only family member left who isn't working, so guess who's the designated driver to ALL doctor appointments and Physical Therapy times.

    I think I'm going to run away from home!
    2913 days ago
    Oh dear.... how miserable. Glad it wasn't something contagious that he could share with you and everyone else!!! Hope he's through with the worst of it.

    Yeah, I'd be tempted to 'milk it' too . . . but wouldn't.
    2913 days ago
    WOW that just doesn't sound right I hope it is done and over with now. If not def calls for a trip to the Dr. Take care of 'Him' friend !!!
    2913 days ago
    emoticon So Thankful that He is Better! Yes, wait awhile and THEN Milk this when he is 100% Back To Himself! You will have tomake another visit to the Castle!
    2914 days ago
    Phew! That will teach you to take a vacation....
    So glad your husband isn't seriously ill. You both must have been really rattled by all this. I know I would be.
    2914 days ago
    I hope Himself gets all better all the time and treats you like ERII for a while. Yes, I know the fright of an ill husband. Men! They are fundamentally delicate and sickly creatures.

    I hope all is well for you.
    2914 days ago
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