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I Give Up

Friday, March 15, 2013

For the past three days I have eaten UNDER my allotted amount of calories...(Not by a lot....am not going into starvation mode) and today I weighed myself and it says that I'd GAINED Four pounds!! I know I know. Water weight ...yada yada. But this really just isn't FAIR. Why am I even trying? What for???

What would happen if I quit trying? If I stopped analyzing every calorie. What would happen??
I honestly don't know. Maybe I would even lose weight. I don't know. All I know is that I'm sick and tired of being defeated and kicked in the teeth by the lousy scale. I'm not sure how my pants are fitting....I've been wearing elastic waisted ones lately because my others were too snug. Although on Wed. night I wore jeans and had to keep hiking them up because they were falling down.....I could NOT have gained weight since then. Not unless air suddenly has calories.

I'm going out grocery shopping today. What do I buy?? LOts of veggies and fruit. I know. I can't buy myself any treats that much is certain....because it was those few treats I bought myself Last week and the week before, that got me into such big trouble to start with

I cannot WAIT until I can begin to exercise again. I feel like I've been playing piano with both hands tied behind my back without the exercise. It's just impossible for me to get anywhere without it. I'm seriously thinking of starting to exercise tomorrow. It's only a lousy two weeks early. What harm could it do? I don't think there was really any good reason to prohibit me from working out in the first place. My hip is NOT going to dislocate on a recumbent bike or by walking. I could see it if I were doing yoga or working on gym machines. But I'm not. OK. That's what I'm gonna do. I would do it today except I already showered.

Tomorrow. Bike. You and me babe.
I had enough of this nonsense.

I just watched today's video by Dr Birdie on Spark Coach. She talked about how hard it is to maintain motivation if the scale is your only measure of success. She suggested we pick three other measures to keep track of.
What she said made sense...and the scale is certainly defeating my motivation.

So what trackers should I pick?
1) How my clothes fit.
2) Compliments people give me
3) My level of consistency with the program overall.

I will try to do this. I will try to pay attention to other factors besides my weight that show that I'm getting healthier.
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  • no profile photo CD9136158
    Hang in there! emoticon
    2871 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/17/2013 8:25:13 AM
    Sometimes before I lose a couple of pounds I too have the heavier days as well. You may be there. try weighing in every 3rd day. I think your on the right track. We just got to keep with it. emoticon
    2872 days ago
    Take it one step at a time. Your body may think you are starving it and is holding onto the calories and pounds. Love and hugs,|
    2872 days ago
    I don't weigh myself often. It's less stress.
    I use the fit test. If my clothes fit nice, I haven't gained. Tight, and I have. Loose, I lost.
    I weight maybe once a month now and have been less scale obsessed.
    2872 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I was given exercises on an upright bicycle for my hip replacement recovery. I enjoyed it up until the bike broke down in my building and was never repaired :(
    Just go slow and careful and listen carefully to your body, the slighest thing not feeling right in your hip don't continue. You dislocate all too easy I am afraid :((
    Great choice of things to look at instead of the scale!
    I am with Susie in most of the battle is with calories and food. I am living proof you can maintain when unable to exercise as what happened to me in the year of three surgeries. There was never anyone who so wanted to get back on my feet and exercise after that miserable year. I spent the best summer we had had in my memory sitting on my butt when the weather was so warm and beautiful every day, such a waste. Haven't has as good as one since. The way our winter is hanging on (six months and counting) doesn't look promising for this summer either.
    Good luck with your goals, you can do it!
    2872 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    Cynthia darling.
    Please do not keep weighing yourself ...
    Just measure..weighing yourself so much is a recipe for disaster .
    I know, I have been there.
    Just continue to eat healthy and relax ..
    Weight loss is 80% food and 20% exercise .. so please relax . love you Susie emoticon emoticon
    2873 days ago
    Every 2 weeks I also take measurements of my body and log them in. And the way your jeans fit is a good one. You can even add it to the My Weight at the bottom where you can put in custom weights. I measure my fat roll as a custom measurement and how much pain I have in the AM versus PM. That helps my doctor out a bit as well (when i remember to take the printout that is!)

    And I am not a doctor, and we all know that, but be careful with the hip. The recumbent bike does but more pressure on your hips than you realize, but still better that a standard upright bike.

    Just make sure you are taking care of yourself and the first sign of pain, you get off that bike or I will send you someone to get you off that bike and handcuffed to the seat where you knit! HAHA

    hugs to you, young one!
    2873 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    You're remembering what feels so good with exercise and that's why you're craving the bike. You're remembering what helped you to lose weight. That's what we have to do, go back and think of what worked for us. Good for you! emoticon emoticon emoticon I'm remembering too and getting my rear in gear! emoticon

    2873 days ago
    2873 days ago
  • MJRVIC2000
    Eating healthy, exercise and lifestyle changes is what it takes to lose weight. You must do all three. God Bless YOU! Vic.
    2873 days ago
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