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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yesterday we made a trek to town, despite heavy snow. It was warm enough that the snow was not really sticking to the roads....The snow made no dent in the crowds in Walmart. Getting a parking place there was impossible as usual...handicapped placard or none. I had already done my grocery shopping on Friday so this time was free to wander around and just LOOK. I found three tops for $5.00 each and a pair of black dress pants for $9.00. I'm wearing one of the tops today (see my profile pic)...I love the colors in it: deep blues greens and turquoise. It's nice to wear to church and every Sunday I struggle wtih the "What-0n-Earth-will-I-Wear"s so now I have two more options. (the third blouse was more sporty)

I also had ordered from Catherines's (a subsidiary of Lane Bryant) a sleeveless dress that is kind of long, almost a maxi. It has blue flowers and is really just gorgeous. I spent more than I usually would have on it but I wanted something nice to wear for Easter. Of course, it's sleeveless and yesterday it was snowing...but hey, it's March and in two weeks it could be warm..who knows. Even if it is snowing, I"m going to wear it....I've got hot sauce in my veins. LOL. Menopause is good for something. I also got a gold shrug from Catherines which I can wear over the dress if need be...although I hate to cover it up...it's so pretty. It would be nice to have accessories to wear with it. I have almost no earrings or necklaces...They all get broken or lost. The other day I picked up the two trays I have my earrings in and they spilled all over my room. I'm sure some of them fell down into the recliner and I'll never see them again. I did not try to match up the pairs yet or fix the mess in my trays...I was in a hurry and just threw them back in there after I picked them up. Maybe that would be a good goal for this afternoon.

I also bought a little slow cooker at Walmart. I'd given mine to my daughter and then regretted it. She never uses it but kept forgetting to bring it to me, so it was either a matter of growing old without one or buying one for myself...which I did. It was only $10 so it wasn't a huge investment. I like to throw a bunch of grains in there overnight and make a hot cereal type of thing for the morning. Steel cut oats are also good. It's also good for slow cooking rice if you want it to be ready at dinner time.

I have no idea what I'm going to make for dinners this week. I should really come up with a list of recipes. Otherwise it's gonna be a LOOOONNG week. My husband is on this cardiac diet and that combined with his unbelievable pickiness makes for a difficult dinner choice. It seems like no matter what I make, he complains.

Oh well. gotta run.
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    emoticon emoticon new pic your smile is back that I have missed seeing in your profile pic1 You also look thinner. I agree on the food thing he can give you a detailed list of what he wants or can cook himself.. However, i know you girls and you will still do it for us as it is in your nature. Remember he is complaining about the food not the cook. The food is bland and takes a ton of getting used too. i also am on a heart type of diet for cholesterol and such and know from experience lol.
    2870 days ago
    It sounds like you had a fun shopping trip. So glad you could get out and find some things to perk up your spirits and your wardrobe. I am so in need of a shopping trip, for the house though, not for me.... yet.
    Love and hugs and prayers,
    2870 days ago
  • _LINDA
    That Wal*Mart never ceases to amaze me how cheap it sells stuff, good on you!
    I adore that color on you :)) Nice picks!!
    When your husband says he is on a Cardiac diet, it almost sound like there should be a book or guidlines about it. Did he get no information from his Dr. or a referral to a Dietition? Because that would be a very great help to you (also if he checked off what meals he would like from something like that too) Maybe you could get a list from him what he would like for the whole week, and you can plan around it, adding sides that you like and are healthy and he can eat them or not, or find great ways to prepare them from Spark Recipes.
    So sorry about your jewelry woes :(( Maybe you needed to look at Wal*Mart for some replacements. When I was living in the tough side of town, I had a break in and all my jewelry was stolen, including some one of a kind beaded necklaces and some gifts from Mom. I made the mistake of storing them in an electronic radio box, and the brats who broke it thought they were getting a radio :( I looked all over for it to be dumped once they discovered it wasn't what they thought it was. I had some photos of it which I left with the police. If I ever caught anyone wearing it, I could identify it immediately, no chance its duplicated. It was never found, as was the screen they lifted and took away from my window to get in. It was very hot in those apartments so I always has the windows open and unlatched. I have some new stuff but not nearly the same spectacular pieces. Pretty though.
    Hope you have a good St. Patrick's Day and enjoy the green (tea and salad ;))
    I forgo going to the dinner with my Probus group, still snowing here and cold enough the roads are trecherous and I could not ask anyone to drive me in that. I also am not feeling well. Developed a huge rash all over my torso and arms and think its due to my pain meds which I stopped taking yesterday, so you can guess how good I am feeling right now. Lucky I can lift my arms to type all this.
    Hope you have a good week,
    2870 days ago
    I know he is your hubby, but HUBBY NEEDS TO MAKE HIS OWN DAMN DINNER, and that way he can't complain. Hubby can make what he needs to, and you can eat what he is eating since a cardiac diet is good for anyone. At least that is one good thing.

    I don't know how you feel about chicken and dumplings, but there is a Stacy's Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings recipe that uses Bisquick and you just cook it all in the slow cooker all day. I LOVE it! My entire family LOVES it and begs for me to make it all the time. I will have to see if Di is leaving her crock pot here or taking it with her. I sure am not going to remind her that it is there! HAHA But I can always get another one as WalMart is never out of stock on those things, so I am not sweating it. I am just happy to see her leave!

    Congratulations on the shawl. It's cute on your back ground. So colorful and pretty. And your new profile picture is HOT! In case no one else tells you today, you are a beautiful woman... inside and out.

    Hugs and Love, Ang
    2871 days ago
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