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Friday, April 19, 2013

Today I weigh the same as I did yesterday. Now I know that is no reason to be upset. I mean I really CAN'T expect to continue to lose a pound a day every day. But somehow, yeah, I'm disappointed. I knew after I tracked yesterday that I was kind of high on calories. I hadn't broken any rules of the diet (except for the handful of animal crackers I had in the night)....but I did just eat high calorie choices. I had two helpings of the banana ice cream and two smoothies (I had to eat lunch on the run yesterday so a smoothie seemed to be the best option.) Dinner was lentil stew and veggies with Ginger/Sesame sauce. So nothing really bad. Just NOT optimal.

Today I am determined to do better. But I will have a problem with lunch. I have a dentist's appt. and then will be on the road when time to eat. My mouth will likely be numb so maybe I wll have to skip lunch. Maybe that would be the best option. Just skip it altogether. That is better than eating out and blowing everything.

My husband is complaining that his stomach and system can't handle the sudden change to masses of veggies. He said it is making him feel sick. I guess that 's possible. AS for me, I feel great.

I think for this morning I will forgo my usual smoothie and have a ""quick banana breakfast to go"...it is bananas, blueberries, dried currants, nuts and seeds and old fashioned oats cooked in pomegranate juice. I don't have pomegranate juice so will use red currant juice. It was a cheaper alternative. Anyway, that sounds good and it sounds like it will stick to my ribs better than a smoothie, since I have to last until dinner.

Today I have a lot to do. My case manager is coming this morning and we are going to load up her car and cart over to the church my donations for a big clothing drive this weekend. Then my friend is coming to take me to the dentist....and we will go shopping afterward. There is a big Oriental Farm Market in the town where my dentist is so will go there and pick up some exotic fruits and veggies. We will also head over to a large Christian bookstore nearby. It is owned by friends of mine and I always like to stop in and say hi. It sounds like a nice day (except for the dentist).

I have a nagging fear....that my weight loss will stop and I will eventually regain...even without my going off of the program I'm on. Sometimes it seems like my weight is independent of anything I do and is completely irrational and hell bent of staying high. I have to insist to myself. "NO! This WILL work. You just have to stick with it" I can't get all bummed out by the scale just because one day , it did not go down.

One thing that I found interesting in the Joel Fuhrman book was his distinction between true and toxic hungers. Toxic hunger is the hunger you and I know. It is a tummy twisting growling and can be accompanied by headache or lightheadedness. He said this is not hunger, this is your body detoxing from the poisons in your system. IF you pause in shoveling in those poisons, your body protests.....and that is how it does it. He said that once you detox you will discover "true hunger" which is a sensation of need in the mouth and throat. How very interesting. Even in my anorexic days, I was not "truly" hungry. I was just in a constant state of detox because when I DID eat; I ate poison. I will be so excited the first time I experience real hunger.

Thankfully,I have not experienced many of the detox symptoms he warned I might. I think this is because I had really not eaten too badly before. yeah. I had items that I no longer eat but by and large my diet wasn't terrible.

So today I'm going to make better food choices...and when I'm not home in a place where I can eat well, I will simply not at until I get back home. And hopefully, tomorrow the scale will say "213".
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  • JUDITH316
    I want you to know I'm standing with you and cheering you on...I am agreeing with you that you will see the changes you are hoping for. I also want to remind you of all the awesome accomplishments you have made of late, you are doing great so please don't be so hard on yourself, remember, you are beautiful inside and out just as you are today...You are loved and appreciated, thanks for your friendship and all your support. Yes, you are a blessing indeed... emoticon emoticon
    2709 days ago
    I hope your scale tells you happy things because mine might just slung out the dang window! I have sweated, moved boxes and furniture, walked every day, worked out every day and the scale says I gained 6 pounds htis week. I have no idea what I am doing wrong but I do know that I am not doing a dang thing Sunday except cleaning the house and doing laundry. Or maybe tomorrow since it's supposed to rain.

    And tell your hubby to cook his own dinner if he can't take the veggies. Heck, let him starve and then see if he likes your diet... :)
    2709 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    Oh sweetie, it's kind've tough to hang in there, isn't it, when your body is trying to adjust and figure out what's going on with it? Do you do portion control with this diet? Or can you eat as much of the lentil stew, banana ice cream that you can? To me, that would be scary and I'm thinking that maybe your body is questioning that and then it'll go down for you, once you keep eating healthy. That's my thinking. It's so interesting to see how you're doing!! I really feel that if you just hang in there, it'll pay off for you big-time!! emoticon emoticon
    2709 days ago
    I know that I should not weigh myself every day and from now on I will not. It was just so much fun watching that number go down that I couldn't resist a peek. :)

    My "ice cream" is a frozen banana, 1/3 cup of almond milk and a small handfull of walnuts....Mix in a blender and it comes out just like ice cream. I add a tablespoon of cocoa powder to make it chocolate and one date.
    So there you go guilt free ice cream. I usually double the recipe and stick half in the freezer for later. When I'm ready to eat it I nuke it for 20 seconds.
    2709 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Your husband is probably having a hard time with all the freggies because his system is getting an overload of fiber he is not used to. When I increased my intake from four or five a day to 10-13, diarrhea was a constant problem. I have dialed it back to 8-9 which is enough. If you are not used to eating them at all, then suddenly starting is going to bother you. Have to start slowly and allow your system to adapt. My brother-in-law always claimed he couldn't eat greens that they made him sick and that was probably because all he ever ate (and still eats) was high carb, high fat meals with very little fiber.
    I agree with the other ladies that weighing every day isn't necessary. Pick two days and weigh yourself at the same time for them (like before or after breakfast.
    Can you not find a healthier substitute for the ice cream and animal crackers? Frozen yogurt comes to mind, but you have to watch the sugar content on those.
    A liquid lunch is a great idea to deal with the dentist issue.
    Hope you enjoy your outing!
    2709 days ago
    I agree with Susie. Weighing yourself every day is just an exercise in frustration. And, skipping lunch isn't necessarily the way to go either.

    When I want to eat after the dentist, I usually bring a Slimfast milkshake or a smoothie in an ice pack so that I have something in me and don't overdo it when I get home because I'm starving. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck with everything today.
    2709 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    Darling Cyn, I don't recommend you weighing every day... it is really quite off putting..
    Your body fluctuates....by retaining and letting go of fluid and this can cause weight gain or loss ..
    It is much better to weigh weekly ...
    If you are in constant awareness of weight gain, it is a recipe for disaster .
    Try to just be aware of what you eat, and you will know yourself if you are feeling better.
    Much Love Susie
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2709 days ago
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