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Better, Not Fatter

Sunday, April 28, 2013

This time feels different from the previous times I've tried to lose weight. For many of us, the problem is in the mind. For me, I don't know if it's psychological or not, I find myself more willing to 'stick to the plan' this time. There IS a change in mindset. With that said, I hope to achieve my goal.

Like I've said, I'm making small but sustainable changes and though it's only been 2 weeks of very small change in habits, finally I feel better and not fatter. My weight loss is very minimal but it's AMAZING how the small change has me feeling a whole lot better! What I choose to eat and put into my body (or what not to) can be felt mentally and physically. Seriously, I can't belive it! I feel so much better.

I feel less 'puffed up' than before. I almost constantly felt like that before. It maybe due to the food choice that I use to make. I'd chalk that up to previously eating more carbs than I use to. Another difference is I'm more aware of my food choice now but what's nicer is that I don't fall back to old habits and eat what's tempting me anyway.

I like this feeling. Finally I feel I'm in control. I feel my will power is finally getting the better deal. I'm not as 'mentally' weak as before and it makes for a whole better feeling. I go to bed feeling good, knowing I've had a better 'food' day and I wake up feeling great ... more at peace, a sense of a little pride envolopes me ... that feeling of happiness when a person with weight problem feels that finally I'M CHANGING.

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