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South Beach Lifestyle Week 1 Update

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My first week on South Beach was a major success! I lost 6 lbs (my husband lost 9!) The first day was kinda rough with the withdrawal symptoms, but Excedrine Migraine helped me through (likely thanks to the caffeine) and each day got easier. I had a couple of days of wanting bad food just because I was missing the taste of it, so I agreed to let myself have a cheat MEAL (not day) if I stayed faithful the rest of the week. So last night Chad and I had Taco Bell and let me tell you- it was AWFUL. It did not taste as good as I remembered, and it made me feel so sluggish and gross afterwards. We went to the store after that and I felt like there was lead in my feet. Not sure if I'll want to do the same next week, it might not be worth it. So anyway, back on Phase 1 today and we might stay on phase 1 for a little longer. Chad says until I get pregnant then I can go to phase 2 so I get plenty of nutrients for the baby.
Speaking of the baby. I dreamed about her again last night. Sometimes it's a boy, sometimes a girl, but usually a girl. Last night I dreamed she was born prematurely, but then all of a sudden she was the size of a 1 year old. It was strange.
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