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Monday, July 01, 2013


Me, 5 years from now - BLC22 Week 4 Assignment:

Look at me! Would you just look at me! The me 5 years from now has achieved and maintained her weight loss goal!

She had to undergo a tummy tuck to take care of all the loose skin from losing so much weight (about 60 pounds, actually).

She’ll never be considered “slender”. That wasn’t her goal. Her goal was to be healthy, and that is what she is. According to the BMI she is still a little over-weight. But this is the weight at which she feels comfortable. She’s not the least bit concerned with that extra 10 pounds the BMI thinks she should lose.

She is glowing with health, she exudes a positive energy that is a blessing not only to herself, but those around her. She has so much more energy than she had at this point 5 years ago.

Physically, she looks good, real good. She feels great right where she is, and is staying at maintenance level. She exercises 3-5 times a week, and this included walking, water aerobics, challenging DVDs. She does strength training twice a week, and yoga 5 days a week before going to work. She wants to stay strong and flexible.

Emotionally, her confidence is right through the roof! At 52 she feels as good as when she was in her 20’s. The self-sabotaging thoughts seldom enter her mind, and when they do, she is quick to answer back with something positive.

She is proud of who she is and very confident in the way she looks.

She takes so much better care of herself not than she did 5 years ago - she knows the importance of “me time” and schedules it in just like any other appointment. She know she is worth it!

Getting dressed for work in the morning is a breeze! All the clothes in her closet are her size, not a few sizes too big and a few sizes too small; nope, they all left a while ago. She may not have an extravagant wardrobe, but she has quality pieces that mix and match well together. She never looks thrown together - the looks polished.

All this confidence has, of course, been noticed by her supervisor, who is now lobbying for her to have extra hours at work. Because she such confidence in herself, she has been tackling more and more difficult projects, and doing very well with them. She is working above and beyond the scope of her duties, and that is being noticed not only by her supervisor but by the board members.

Eating right is a learned habit - a life-long habit - and she has learned it. She eats a healthy, well-balanced diet. She does treat herself occasionally. No food is actually “off limits” - just enjoyed in moderation. She still tracks every bite, lick and taste religiously. She knows this was a great tool to her success and that it is just as important in maintenance.

She continues to be active in the Spark community. She is especially active in the BLC’s. She feels there on her maintenance track and is vital to keeping her motivated. She loves her SparkFriends and Teammates.

With the BLC's she has learned about weight loss, eating right, but perhaps most importantly, she has learned how to respect herself and be kind to herself.

She knows she would not have gotten to this point without the encouragement and support of her BLC team members. Now that she is in maintenance, she hopes she can be a great motivation to others on her team and support them as much as they supported her.



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