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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thanks so much for those of you who commented on my blog from yesterday. I appreciate the early birthday wishes, support and encouragement.

I did want to address a concern that some of you had regarding my caloric intake. I'm one of those people who does not lose any weight at all if I consume too many calories, even though I'm fairly active. I lose best between 1200 and 1350 per day. I can gain on 1500, even though SP tells me it's the top of my range. When I have super active days, if I'm hungry, I will take in more calories than the 1200 - 1350. If I'm not terribly active, I keep it to the lower end of the range. Too many years of yo-yo dieting messed up my metabolism, big time! So this works for me. I can't recommend it for anyone else. I'm a petite (5 1-1/2) smaller boned post menopausal woman. It is what it is. I appreciate the concern though.

Gym Etiquette is a mystery to me. Sometimes people spend a great deal of time sitting on a machine, not working out, and talking to people on other machines who are also not working out. Now I do understand that after doing a set you need time to recover. But to sit and chat when others are waiting? Not cool at all. If I see someone waiting, I don't dawdle. I can't deal with people who talk all the way through a class either. One night at Zumba, this younger woman and her boyfriend were talking throughout the class. Between that, the loud pulsing music, and several new routines, I found myself stressed out. I finally asked her to keep it down. And got a death glare for my trouble. Sheesh.

Lately there is a new trend in the locker room in my club. Several of the younger women prance around the locker room stark naked. One had her leg propped up on the counter near the makeup mirror while she lotioned her body. My eye was drawn to her like a train wreck. I felt like a pervert. And part of my envied her lack of caring what anyone thought. But it made me very uncomfortable. There have been another couple of young ladies who have done the same recently. Is this a new trend? Is modesty a thing of the past?

And for the rest of it? You are all so right. Age is truly just a state of mind...unless you're faced with perfect young naked bodies in the locker room and you realize that age is also a state of body (sigh)! But I hope to be a role model for an awesome fit and strong middle aged woman who went through two natural child births and has lived in her skin.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so with you about the calories. As I've aged and become less active, I have to stay at the lowest end of my calorie range to lose any pounds. I gain weight if I eat at the top of the range, so I am gradually adjusting my range to what I need to do,
    1451 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11283527
    Some people do not want to be held to any standards but their own. We have several private boothes in our gym where I would be headed, but I'm guessing you don't have them. : (
    2598 days ago
    My calorie range is very similar to yours. I figure for the same reason...lots of dieting which messed with my metabolism. Bleh. But it doesn't do any good to say poor me. I just have to get busy and get moving. :)

    Reading about your locker room makes me glad I don't go to a gym!! Sheesh.
    2599 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2856573
    I work with mentally ill people all day so I guess I'm pretty tolerant lol, mostly I focus on myself which is a pretty intimidating all in of its' self.

    I do speak up to the machine hogs, "May I do a set while you are waiting?" emoticon
    2599 days ago
    The gym is such a weird place. I love it but there are some things I wish I could forget! Your blog reminded me of at least one Seinfeld eipsode...
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2599 days ago
    Speechless about the locker room never had to be subjected to that one & I go to 2 gyms One reason I have been back at the all women gym it very rare if someone sits hanging out on a machine there unlike the co ed gym I belong to My pet peeve is people not doing the 30 minute circuit properly they wander aimlessly emoticon
    2599 days ago
    I'm speechless about the locker room etiquette. I had no idea it could be like that. As for your calorie intake I understand. Ever since I was treated for my Graves Disease my metabolism is messed up.
    2600 days ago
    You are too funny my friend! Gym etiquette! LOL! I guess the girls are just comfortable in their bodies, but I could see where that would make one totally uncomfortable.

    As far as the calories go, Sparkpeople suggests that you don't go to the top of the calorie range they give you anyway, so I'm sure you know your body better than anyone, so if you are losing and it's working for you keep doing what you are doing!

    You can do it!
    2600 days ago
    I totally agree with your re: gym and locker room etiquette. Have you thought of talking to the owner or manager?
    2600 days ago
  • CHERIJ16
    My exercise room at home is not fancy and it doesn't have everything a gym would but it is enough for me! There I only have to deal with my cats staring at me! I might like a personal trainer, and a massage, etc. LOL

    2600 days ago
    I know exactly how you feel - people can be so inconsiderate. Thanks for venting what everyone is thinking!
    2600 days ago
    My gym is at home (or outside) for those many reasons - dealing with attitudes, chattiness and some flat out uncomfortable streaking - not my thing lol.

    Like you - I know my body is not perfect. But someone posted this and I think we should live by it:
    I'm not hot or gorgeous. I don't have an amazing figure or a flat stomach. I'm far from being considered a model, but I'm ME. I eat and love food, love my shape, love my PJs and will go without make up. I'm random and crazy and I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I am who I am, love me or not, it won't change ME! Ladies, put this on your status if you are proud of who you are

    Another friend also told me that every body is like a piece of art - unique in its shape, size and form. There's beauty in all of us!! emoticon
    2600 days ago
    Oh man, you cracked me up! I avoid the locker room like the plague! In fact that is one of the reasons why I refused to join a gym for many years. People should have some decency. It's too much for this Catholic girl to take!!

    I hate it when people use gym equipement to hang out on and chat with their friends. Some of us are busy!!
    2600 days ago
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