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Debby Downer Eats Her Emotions :(

Friday, August 23, 2013

Alright, restart, again again again! I know I've been here for a while but I still stumble, a lot. So I haven't stepped on the scale since I've been on this Atkins kick and I don't want to. I feel as though I haven't lost any.

Today was a rotten day. I had 7 days off and today was my first day back. It was rough hard work and by the end of it I was just upset about how I let these things happen in my life and I hate myself for it. Then I had my interview. So my pre interview yesterday was 15 min and worthless. Today, I met a "lead" person at a Sam's Club. He was a 20 something rotten brat. Ok, if you have seen "Employee of the Month" he's the same guy as the head cashier. Cocky and pushy and just a twat! he was promoted to lead after less than 50 days. The lady that interviewed me yesterday was promoted to a owner in less than a year and is said to be making $90,000. I can't say I totally believe this job is real. It seems like a pyramid scheme.

So, I had my meals all planned out all day and I was doing good. Sigh, my sweet tooth has been crazy lately and so I bought 10 bags of sugar free candies and tossed them in the freezer. Another reason I don't think I'm losing is because I over do my fake sugar intake every day. So I am going to eat my emotions and eat more than I should today and start clean tomorrow. I work all weekend and that's also bringing me down.

I'm just sad sad sad today. I figured my fake sugar intake wasn't working in my favor but I guess I needed time to realize it. Eck, I'm so mad. I just don't understand myself! What's a good amount of fake sugar for a day? Or 3x's a week? *shakes her computer* someone help me!!
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  • JO74555
    i feel what you're saying... everyday i battle my intense need to carb or sugar up. it feels like an uphill battle while being punished... even when i know i'm doing "good" for the day, i have to argue with myself all night not to go out and buy a candy bar. But i just can't stop trying to live a healthier existence, so I restart pretty much every other day. Another spark member really put some stuff into perspective for me. she basically said one of the things that hold people back is the gentle or slow approach to cutting down the carbs and that for as long as we keep trying to slowly embark on eating less of them, we continue to crave and suffer because of it. It kinda has to be like cold turkey... something I can tell you I am not a fan of doing, but after reading everything she wrote, I realize that if I want to stop these intense cravings, I have to cut the carbs. You would think that because I have pre-diabetes it'd be enough to scare me. After all, having diabetes could mean losing limbs, eyesight, etc. It would mean having to take a medicine everyday and/or taking a sugar blood level prick 4 or 5 times a day or worse yet, having to shoot a needle of insulin into my body. Food addiction and craving the foods that aren't good for the body is an ongoing fight. Don't quit trying. You are a lot younger than me and I really believe we can do this!! No hating... it's no good and doesn't help the cause. and, stay away from fake sugar. natural sweetness is the way to go. you know what your eating and how much. Please pop by my sparkpage and read what EXOTEC had to say. and remember... WE CAN DO THIS!! and... smart advice from her too... don't embark on a diet without going to the doctor. get a nice lil batch of bloodwork to make sure all your levels are good and discuss what your health goals are with him/her. emoticon Btw... how was jersey this week?
    2852 days ago
    Hang in there don't give up.
    We all have bad days.
    I wish I could help but I don't know anything about the Atkins diet or What a good amount of fake sugar a day is.
    I have just started Sparks myself. Eighth day on.
    I did a blog on a protein shake that helps me with my sweet craving and I also posted a blog today called 12 times your weight, find your number that you might be interested in reading. You can find them on my page.
    I'm learning as I go and at 66 it's hard to break old habits.
    It seems to me you are stressed.
    Take a deep breath and staet over.
    2852 days ago
  • L-RIOT
    The link doesn't work emoticon
    2852 days ago


    Maybe this will put it in perspective. Here's what babysteps REALLY look like! (A little long, but you get the idea in the first two minutes.)

    http:// www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_pu
    2852 days ago
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