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Run For Heroes Half Marathon - Sept 22/13

Monday, September 23, 2013

Yesterday my husband and I did the World Alzheimer's Run For Heroes Half Marathon. Both of us had some injuries with my husband waking up on Saturday morning with something going on with his knee and was limping throughout the day but he woke up on Sunday morning without a limp so he got geared up and ready for the race. I am dealing with IT Band and hamstring issues but am working with a chiropractor to help me through it. I also use my foam roller and The Stick, and do strength exercises, a lot of stretching, and then I follow my workout with icing my legs down which really helps.

My husband's chip time was 2:24:42 and mine was 2:43:42. I was starting to feel a bit of pain at the 6.5 km mark and then around the 8.5 km mark, I felt a pull in the outer part of my hamstring area just above the knee. So, I had a bit of pain to deal with but I managed to finish. I ran/walked my intervals and also walked through the water stations until I finished my Gatorade and then kept going until my next scheduled walk break and that helped to get me through.

Here's a few photos:

This is my husband and I before the race started. We were around the corner but it started with an extremely loud cannon boom which startled a lot of us as we couldn't see when they lit it so we weren't expecting it.

Me after the run.

My husband after the run.

The Finisher's Medal

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