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I just have to laugh!!!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Well I had a good laugh to start off today!!
I have not blogged lately, because it seems all that I write about is my Mom. So I have not been blogging. After this morning, I had to write. The phone rang and I answered it, it was the X-Ray Dept at the hospital in town. They wanted Mom for a CT of her head for 0700 tomorrow. Yep, and Mom is almost 91. That would mean I would need to leave around 0430. Pick up my friend ( I couldn't go alone) drive to Mom's and get her into the car at that ungodly hour. Drive back to the hospital and be there for 0700.

I live about 70-75 minutes from Mom. About 25 minutes from the hospital where the CT machine is and Mom is slow. So I said it was just too early. However, I did call my friend and ask her with a serious voice if she could be ready to leave at 0430. SILENCE!! Then I just laughed!!!

Now it is booked for 1300 on Friday. So much for a quiet day Friday. I am seeing Mom tonight and tomorrow we are taking her to lunch with a cousin and now Friday. Mom will love all the visits. So that was a start to my morning.

Mom has not settled into the nursing home as we had hoped, but to be fair to her, her first 2 room-mates did not help. Then I get a call last week saying the discharge coordinator wants to meet with me as they want to get Mom out of there to somewhere more "Suitable" and they name the home. So begins another upset. Thanks to a good friend, I got my head sorted out. So we leave early the next morning and go do a drive by the other home. We had both looked it up on the net. By then we are convinced it may be a good move. The staff are trained to deal with Dementia's and re considered the best in the province/. On we go to have lunch with Mom and meet with the lady. We packed a lunch.

The Discharge coordinator had met Mom in hospital so she knew her a little. She is not Mom's usual person, but she had offered to do this for the other one. Thankfully for us. Her first concern was "The staff are concerned about your Mom and her delusions, does she have a psychiatric history/" So I say..NO..she has never so much as had a problem, and what delusions is she having? "Your Mother thinks she has black blood in her body and that she is part black" OMG!! My Mom is part black, she does have as she puts it black blood. I have told staff that repeatedly for the past 2 months!! My Grandmother was black and may of my relatives are. I even told the DON on admission. I was stunned, upset, stupefied and laughed!! So I went on to explain that Mom will focus on this when her paranoia is going on. That paranoia is all a part of her Vascular Dementia and that her medications have not been right since her admission.

The medications have been a big problem since day one!! No one listened to what worked before. After all why listen to the daughter, who knows her Mom, is a nurse and has background and experience. Not to mention friends who can offer advice and support. One is a Geriatric Nurse Specialist and has known Mom for over 20 years. The other is a pharmacist I know who is the lead for the Seniors Team for pharmacy n our county. Ok. I am ready. I have met with the MD, called her office, talked with staff..no luck. The one med starts to kick in and..it get changed!! Help!!! OK what is going on? Right about then I am hoping she gets to the other home now!!

I leave frustrated. However, we did have a nice lunch and visit with Mom. When we left we went to our little cafe for a visit and to relax before going home. I then get a call the next day.
Your Mom is to be in hospital Sunday morning at 1115 to a Psychiatrist who specializes in Geriatrics nd he will review her meds and offer suggestions. Mom has seen a specialist before but he can not see her for a month. That is too long. This man will work. I contact my cousins wife who is a nurse in psychiatry to see what she knows about this MD. He is great!! She says Mom is lucky to get into him. SIGH!!

I had also sent an email to the DON after the meeting and passed along my concerns and thoughts. I also made a note and asked ot have it put on her chart to help staff understand Mom a bit. Just a few little things to make it easier. Hopefully!!

So I arm myself with all of the information and hope that he will listen a bit to me. We see this young MD and he is great. He talks to Mom and listens. He asks for my input, but only after Mom agrees. I explain her history with this dementia and what has helped also my frustrations with her medication and no continuity. He makes notes write orders and
explains to me what he wants to see done. YEAH!!! So he orders the CT head and also stopped the ativan. That was one big, major problem. At this home the first line if anyone acts up at all is Give Ativan!! This is one drug you should never give to seniors especially those who have any kind of dementia. The staff would not listen when I asked for it not to be given.
I felt good So this evening when I go visit, I will see how she is. The staff say evenigs are worse. Brandon has cadets so I will go and see.

Sorry to have gone on, but this has consumed my life so much lately, even when I think I am getting a restful day. Oh well it is important to see her settled as well as can be.

I am now starting the process of job hunting. Plese keep me in your thoughts as I do this. Have a great day every one.

Oh I have good news.. I am finally able to wear shoes. With my ulcers and bulky dressings all I could wear were Crocs. I now have runners and a pair of casual sketchers. I was so pumped that I could get shoes on and they were nice ones!! A little thing for many but for me important. Now I can walk more!!!!

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  • 4KWALK
    You do have trials but your mother is so fortunate that you are willing to fight for her needs.
    I hope all works out and that she will soon be settled in one place. It seems reasonable that medical staff would want as much information as possible from you.

    Also I am sure you are so glad to get shoes on your feet.

    Take care.
    2625 days ago
    As Bette Davis said - Getting old is not for sissies.

    It sounds like things have turned around for the better for your mom and for you. Delighted on that score, and so pleased you can wear shoes again. Take care of yourself, too. emoticon
    2630 days ago
    Hmmm I am interested to know which home she is going to, where the staff are trained for dementia, I as a CCA have my reg training but I also took a dementia course and as part of my grade I had to do a project, my project was a dementia book for living at home with dementia. I found ti the other day thought oh yea neat save that. lol
    Most of the homes, in NS have CCAs working and some have that training but not many. So just curious whic it was not that iI really know many down your way. I do have a RN friend that is awesome who works in one near you but not sure which it is. She is fantastic, and super great to work with.
    Glad you can get shoes on cos you got a puppy to walk!!!!
    Take care and hugs to you and your mum and your "co hort in visits".
    2630 days ago
  • NHES220
    See, it wasn't all about your Mom - glad you are back in shoes! I can see how your Mom and her difficulties consumes your thoughts and your time. My father is aging and I have my Mom and two sisters to help out and he is still at home. He has normal pressure hydrocephalus and is slipping pretty quickly in his health these days, but there are a few of use to share the responsibilities. Hang in there and I hope things are going well.
    2630 days ago
    I am also my mother' care giver. I love reading what you have to say, and have added ou as my Spaek Friend so that I can follow your adventures and trials.
    2630 days ago
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