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2 days, and being awesome

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why am I awesome today? Well, that would be because despite not feeling well (i'm getting a sinus infection - 'tis the season), I not only went to the gym but had a kick-a$$ workout.

Food was pretty good today. I was munchy, but ate all whole food, healthy munchies thanks to being prepared. :)

Here's the workout:

Warm Up - 5 min

Set A - Repeat 4 times
Push Ups X 10
Landmines X 45 pounds X 10

Set B - Repeat 4 times
Standing One-Arm Landmine Press X 65 pounds X 10
Goblet Squats X 35 pounds X 10

Set C - Repeat 4 times
Barbell Deadlift X 70 pounds X 10
Kettlebell Swing X 35 pounds X 10

Set D - Repeat 4 times
Suspension Trainer Inverted Rows X 10
Farmer's Walk X 90 pounds X 15meters

Set E - Repeat 4 times
Sled Sprints X 90 pounds (guessing on this one) X 15meters
High Kneex X 30s

AWESOME workout. I loved it. Though I'm dead tired now.
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