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Monster Snacking :#

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Anybody else have this dilemma? I can eat really well for my meals, but then I have monster snack times. I mean out of control..almost out of control snacking, and I am having a hard time reining it in!! I know that when I tell myself no to overeating on the sugary snacks that afterwards my will power gets a little better. But I haven't been talking to myself before I eat those sneaky high calorie sweets, and just put it in my mouth. How do you guys tell yourself not to overdo it? I know one way is to procrastinate eating it and say to yourself 'later', and then your urge to eat it lessens. I also know about water, and tea and gum. But in the moment of sugarness I just don't care!!! I guess it's addiction. Boy is it a tough monster. So maybe I should reward myself tomorrow if I don't go overboard? Since I cannot even get through one day without the sugary snacks, if I go one day without overdoing it, does it make sense that I should allow myself a reward? Which in my case would be a new song to download to my MP3 player...$1.29 isn't that much right? Just to get through ONE day without overindulging? I really want to fight that monster. I guess I need permission from an outside source for some reason. I could really use a boost.
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    I try to fill up on liquids. I just bought Good Earth Tea, and Reesers Buttered Rum from Winco (it's basically sugar with spices). Yeah, the buttered rum is high calories, but if I use that and drink the tea and fill up on a couple of cups of that, I feel fuller and less likely to eat more. What Iove about Good Earth tea is that you DON'T actually need sugar, it is naturally sweet, and they make a decef kind too. I understand the monster snacking, you should check out my meal habits this past week. Some of those "snack" foods were actually other snacks I had throughout the day though, but it is still hard for me sometimes too. Anyways, try the liquid thing, and maybe a few crackers or salty chips to fill your stomach. I did that last night, actually.
    2499 days ago
    I have a spark friend that allows himself up to 250 calories of a sweet daily. I'm sure that's proportional with his daily calory intake. He is a large man but has lost oner 100 lbs so far and more to go. But just the idea of say a sweet treat every day included in your daily calories may do the trick. For the other sweet cravings use fresh fruit.
    Just an idea anyhow. Good luck.
    2508 days ago
    Without reading what others have shared --- my thoughts are --- I have been where you find yourself --- when we tell ourselves that we can't do something (i.e. go without the sugar laden snacks) we are lying to ourselves & giving ourselves ermission to indulge --- obviously we can get along without such snacks --- if we don't bring them into our homes & bring in only healthy snacks (then limit those snacks to appropriate amounts) we will be able to go without the sugar snacks --- it just takes determination to begin with --- after a bit the sugar snacks won't even missed --- that was my experience & I am sure that, if you give it your all, it will be your experience, too.

    I have read & heard for years now that to change a habit ---- all one needs to do is stay strong for twenty-one days of not indulging in the habit, while replacing it with a new better habit. I found that that works for this gal!

    God bless!

    2509 days ago

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    the easiest way for me to deal with the snack attacks is to not have any around, including change for the vending machines. people thought i was crazy to just carry 20s in my wallet, but it makes you stop and think when you have to break a 20 for a bag of chips or something.
    2509 days ago
    I managed to lower the amount of sugar I put in my cereal. I used to put three heaping teaspoons of it in, even if it was a sweet cereal. Then I switched to agave nectar. After a few weeks I dropped it all together and don't need it in my cereal any more.

    That may not help with snacking on sweets unless you make them yourself, but maybe such a switch could help. Instead of baking with sugar, bake with agave. See if the cravings go away after a few weeks.

    The nice thing about agave is that it tastes awesome. It reminds me of honey, only I seem to get more sweetening power in agave nectar and a one-to-one switch between sugar and agave seems to work.

    I've never baked with agave before, but I've heard other people have done it. So it might be worth a try.
    2510 days ago
    I love your idea of the reward. I too love sweets and am setting as a goal in 2014 to really reduce them. It's not that I'm eating out of range... it's that I don't want to be so "addicted to sugar" that I just have to allow for it. Grin!
    2510 days ago
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