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Rewards and Healthy Choices

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I just read a short blog by INDYGIRL and was struck by several statements she made. One is : "It isn't about fast, it's about getting the weight off for good" and the other: "Every positive choice you make should be celebrated."

These statements, while simple, are quite profound. When I lose a pound, or five...I want it to be FOR GOOD...and honestly it isn't always. I lose five, gain 6...lose two gain one...What can I do to make the weight loss FOR GOOD? And then in comes her second statement...The weight loss can be for good by making healthy choices. One choice; one decision at t a time and I need to STOP celebrating the weight loss and start celebrating the healthy choices. I think this is where I've gone wrong. I'm always ecstatic about losing weight...but then will make poor choices and regain it all again. My focus is backwards and wrong.

And too, my goal is wrong. My goal has been weight loss....when it SHOULD be, "getting healthy." When I was doing the 'eat to live ' method, most of the people in their blogs said that the weight loss really took off, once they stopped worrying about the weight loss and merely focused themselves on getting healthy. The question is, "What constitutes a healthy diet?" What Spark People says and what Fuhrman says are not the same thing. Spark People says you can eat anything...just keep it in moderation and count your calories by tracking.
Fuhrman says you can eat big quantities....just eat the "right things" meaning plant based food, beans, and nuts and seeds. The reason I was so gung ho about Fuhrman is that I HATE tracking my food and I hate restricting quantities.

So why was I unable to stick with the Eat to Live program? Well, the first thing is "Steroids" -- I wanted to eat everything in the house and then eat the house. So I got off track...and so did my husband which made it even easier for me to slide.

The second reason I fell off the program was that I was cooking elaborate gourmet style foods from his recipes...and my husband did not like them and would often refuse to eat them and if he did eat them, he complained about them the entire time. This was discouraging.

So I need to come up with a plan that stays in the parameters of the Eat to Live plan but is SIMPLE. DH says just to make him plates of raw vegetables and he will be happy. Problem is: I do not like to eat plates of raw veggies. It's boring. Now here may be the time to pull out my RAW cookbooks....from the days of my raw veganism. There are salads in there and foods made with the spiral cutter ...and these things are YUMMY. I think that is what i will do...I will search for a bunch of recipes and will notate the ones he likes and I like as well....that way I will have a list of recipes to go to when I need to plan a menu.

And every day, I need to make good choices and celebrate them. I'm going to try to be conscious about this...and I will celebrate every choice I make that is healthy and will lead me to being healthy. How will I celebrate? What does celebration consist of?

1) acknowledgment - I will try to keep a written log of healthy choices I make each day.
2) reward - on a regular basis, I will reward myself
3) make a list of rewards to choose from
4) Publicizing my healthy choices. I will blog about it.

A healthy choice does not have to consist of eating "birdfood"...It can involve going to Walmart and walking instead of using the scooter...It can mean encouraging a struggling friend...It can mean walking up and down the basement stairs a couple of times a day... It can mean sharing Spark People with a friend...or recommending the books by Fuhrman. It can mean putting on makeup and looking nice.

So my first healthy choice? Writing this blog!

Thank you Indy for a great blog that prompted me to think.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2597 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Your food plans for you and DH sound excellent -glad to know he wants to eat healthy again.
    Points I disagree with you on -is you cannot have as much as you want a long as its healthy. Doesn't work that way either. Too much of a good thing can lead to weight gain as well even if its all healthy. I am finding I simply can't eat 12-13 freggie servings a day, its simply too much and my GI tract issues get worse -IU can tell you too much fiber isn't fun. When Sparkpeople says all things in moderation, the intent is not that you can have pizza every day or a sweet as long as it fits in your calorie range. No, the intent is not to deny your self anything (or else you will crave it even more) but to make sure you only have one serving once in a long while and not binge on the stuff. Its better if you never have the junk, but once in a while on special occasions, you can have a treat.
    Tracking really does work. Its fine to have all these healthy things, but if you can't stand raw veggies and need to add whatever to make them more tasty, how are these extras going to add up? You also need fats in the diet simply to absorb the vitamins in all those nutritious foods, but again, if not measuring, its easy to get way too much. I am actually struggling right now, to stay under my calorie range. The overwhelming majority of things I eat are non fat, so I have had to add them back in, like ground flax seed, nut butter, walnuts, olive oil, margarine, but these all add up and with one grain serving I get to the top in a hurry. I actually cut out grains for the longest time to keep the calories low. I don't know how anyone can get that 5 servings of grain a day and not gain weight! To me eating healthy means striving to give my body all the nutrients it needs, naturally. The only true way to know if I am getting everything is to track it. But what works for one person may not be suitable to another.
    I think its a shame you had to drop the Fuhrman diet as that seemed to be working for you :(
    I hope you can find a happy medium that works for you and your family.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2604 days ago
    I loved your blog as usual, your thoughts to self help me to remember my track and how to stay on it! emoticon I would be bit leary of the stairs but walking a bit helps to loosen up arthritis and help us feel better. I do know you have had surgeries and this is not something you can do as before BUT your plan looks amazing and possibly join. Me and the kids used to do these a lot but lately have not went to the meet ups. We are in a few one is raw vegetarian and a vege one this for the fam as I eat some meats still. Check it out I bet you will enjoy them. You can just look too and not join to learn about what the different small groups are up too. http://www.meetup.com/ emoticon
    2604 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    You and I sound about the same right now. Trying to figure out what's the best to get the job done. Healthy choices that please ourselves and our DH's! One thing that I have found when cooking is keeping the food ala carte. Like tacos and taco salad, build your own sandwiches, etc. and then I can be more better with choosing healthy like a lot more lettuce, etc. Oh my Cyn, I'm in the midst of really trying to figure this all out while I seem to be gaining weight with eating too much. Go figure! I know that I'm supposed to be encouraging you. ha! I know too that we can do it when we put our minds to it. It is very doable! Thanks for your sweet comments on my page. I loved it! Have a super good day! emoticon
    2604 days ago
  • PATTYR81
    emoticon emoticon
    2604 days ago
  • PGHP31CK
    Awesome!! You can do it!!
    2604 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14119060
    emoticon Healthy Choices!!
    2604 days ago
    Indygirl has always been an inspiration to me and now you are also. You have given me food for thought and now maybe my journey will be better also. Thanks and have a great day
    2604 days ago
    What an inspiration you are in the way you have picked up on Indygirl's blog and made it real in your life! I bet you will get extra steps in today, I just be you will!!

    2604 days ago
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