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week 6 and 3rd set of cortisone shots

Friday, December 20, 2013

Well, I am praying that these injections in my feet were the last one's I have to get! Those are painful! I have my orthodic's, medicine, and have been given three sets of shots. I am praying that this is it and that I can get back into the gym finally. I have never had feet problems and it is so strange to me that all of a sudden my left foot hurt so bad that I thought I had a heel spur because I could barely walk. Turns out it is plantar facitis and it is in both feet. I had my first shot and the heel pain subsided and I returned to the gym just to have my right foot start to hurt. I am finally starting to have about 75% less pain and am optimistic that I won't have to get anymore shots. We will see I guess. I feel like I have gained 15lbs in the last month but the scale says I haven't gained so that is the good news. I will feel like I am starting all over when I get back into the gym lol.
I am looking forward to spending the holiday with the family and just enjoying everyone's company! I just have to stay away from the desserts! I got a new scale for myself, Merry Christmas to me, that stores my info and even displays body fat, muscle, and water weight. I am excited about that! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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