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This Time of Year......

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hello all my Sparkfellows.....

I've been away for a long while, but I still check in and respond to messages, goodies etc. I haven't given up on losing weight, or my Sparkfriends at all!! I've actually maintained my weight for months --- but losing is still a great desire and a goal I will re-set for myself in 2014. I follow a calorie counting program and track on my smartphone..... I still have a problem with night eating, but I work on it everyday. I'll want to be more active with Sparks --- I miss all of you! This time of year is one of reflection for me. Thinking back - and thinking forward......

I've spent the last hour or so going through my 'friends' listings....haven't finished them all yet.
I was really surprised at how many people have been inactive for long periods of time. Each one of them has a story to tell - why they quit Sparks. Have they given up? Have they lost their way? Was it too much work? Or - on the happy side - have they achieved their goals and decided to go it alone. I can attest that going it alone sucks!! In weight loss - as in life - we all need people to 'have our backs' ---- and I've found that on Sparkpeople, many times, my friends have had my back. This is a great, supportive community.

I'm still adjusting to my sedentary lifestyle - not without some anxiety. And I'm still living with chronic pain.....although I'm not as angry anymore. Unfortunately, and without an ounce of self-pity, I've had to come to the conclusion that I'll never have back the life I had. And yes, it's depressing. But I'm a great believer in hope - and each day I work hard to acclimate to a new approach to life. But I'm lousy at setting goals.......and meeting them.

So --- I'll keep it simple for 2014.

One - I'll continue on my food program - and work harder to keep the calories in check. I'll set small (5lbs.) goals at a time to achieve.

Two - to stay involved with the Sparks Community - regularly!

Three - to add whatever physical activity I'm capable of doing every day!! (this is harder than it sounds). I'm in Physical Therapy at the moment - and plan to continue. I need to strengthen a million muscles!!!

That's it. If I can do just those three things --- it will be a good year!

I wish everyone, from the bottom of my heart:


Big Hugs, Libby

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  • LEW0213
    Happy New Year, Libby! Big hugs right back to you, Linda
    2525 days ago
    Libs, there seems to be a small cadre of people in SP who manage to stay focused and get to where they want to be without experiencing a major setback. They have my undying admiration. Then there is the swathe of people like the ones Boss talked about recently, those who fell away very quickly, never to return, for their mindset was never fully dedicated. But, by far, there is the army of people who wax and wane somewhere in the middle - knowing what we have to do, somehow going AWOL/MIA, losing/gaining/losing/ga..... and so on. Disappointing though it is for those of us in the middle group, it's not a crime. As you know Hon, I've recently returned to that particular fold. Hooking up with my Friends was initially scary because I selfishly thought I would be rejected for my crime of falling off the wagon. Oh how vain! Everyone was too busy dealing with their own demons, dramas and crises to have noticed, and most still had me on board anyway, probably knowing from personal experience that it was just a matter of time before I came home. It was a salutory lesson to see that, in my absence, pretty much all of my Friends had had their own crosses to bear and their own disappointments, and I felt badly about that. Encouragement from those same Friends helped me deal with it, too.

    We all walk only in our own shoes but the trick is to never, ever close the door permanently. Keeping going tends to peaks and trough in our degree of motivation and interest, but KEEPING GOING, in touch with SF's and SP, well, it is precious and free.

    I'm here, Libs, keeping going. Keep going with me! I will be smug when I am peaking, but I will not beat myself up if I slip away to the Sargasso Sea and womble around for a bit. I don't WANT to do that, I don't INTEND to do it, but I am a realist now and I need to create a mindset which works just in case it happens again.

    I share with you the horror of goal-setting, it seems to be like the stupid word 'dieting', and act as a green light for the gremlins who live in my head and fridge to launch an attack on me! Baby steps, ACHIEVABLE mini-goals, keeping things simple - yay. It'll be easier to get self-esteem and highs from achieving small successes rather than feel terrible and despondent for failing to meet big goals.

    Your Friends love you and are here for you. Together we can each make our own differences. Together we can do it, but only we can do it for ourselves.


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    2525 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Great minds think alike - for days I have been analyzing and blogging on the seeming never-ending tradition of quitting Sparkpeople. Something tells me the quitters are NOT permanent Sparky success stories.

    Happy New Year!
    2525 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon
    2525 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    Simple is always the best. If you do the best you can, with what you've got, you'll never fail. It may be a slow ride but you'll get there in the end. Have faith in yourself.
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    2525 days ago
    Great goals my friend. "Simple" works well, and can be less stressful. You can do it!

    The desire to live simply is what prompted me to change my Spark name. Step one was to back off from the computer, mainly because I spent too much time on it over-planning and over-complicating my goals, spending more time planning than doing. Out of frustration, and always feeling behind, and overwhelmed, I began backing off and finding simpler solutions and really started living my "Pray, Eat, Move" goals in earnest. And the challenges I participate in are in line with these goals, not a daily posting, but a flexible one.

    Overall, I'm spending more time with my devotions, eating simple, healthy foods, and finding more time and different ways to move. Its working well, and its much less stressful, and natural.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    You'll do great as always!
    2526 days ago
    Libby, so good to hear from you. Never stop believing or hoping. Having a positive attitude can help tremendously. Keeping you in my prayers.

    hugs....Mary Anne
    2526 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    Well said Libby! Wishing you a great year ahead
    2526 days ago
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