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Living through the big blizzard

Monday, January 06, 2014

Wow---are we living in the ice-cube state. Schools cancelled for several days, and even the university where my DH teaches, which rarely cancels classes, has cancelled the first two days of the semester. It's too dangerous for students to drive across the state and most flights are grounded.

We invited a friend over for tonight. He only lives a few miles away and has a big 4 wheel drive jeep. After 2 minutes on the road he almost landed in the ditch and just went back home.

On Sunday I drove to church very slowly (I play piano for a little kids' choir, so I had to be there even if the roads were icy.) On the way home, stopped at the grocery store---and the shelves were pretty bare! Everybody was stocking up before the storm plus the delivery trucks were slow coming that day. Wow! It was on our news that a store nearby had a checkout line with a 90 minute wait. They were telling people not to go to the store unless they absolutely had to.

On the plus side---lots of calories burned from shoveling snow. And time to catch up after Christmas family activities. Went to Virginia for 6 days for one daughter and family, then came home in time for the other daughter and her family. Lots of fun---and I think I burned a lot of calories playing with all the grandkids.

son-in-law plus 2 of the grandkids went sledding. I came along to take pictures. Also I wanted to rent snow shoes for 1 hour to try them out, but it was really, really, really cold. So that will have to wait. It's certainly snowshoe weather, but I don't want to buy them until I know I like them.
One of my daughters with me.

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