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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

It has not been a good week. I say maybe a week from HELL, but I am so blessed.

The root canal could not have gone better. I fuss because I have so many weird dental problems and I take care of my teeth but I do have most of my teeth. My colon prep is going great, just have to not eat for a couple days and still got to drink that awful half gallon **** this afternoon. Hopefully the slow bleed will be found or dismissed as why I am anemic and all will be well. The old back is another issue all together. Some better, I can dress myself! If it doesn't improve I will go back to doctor and get that MRI I need to get anyway. I am able to get around without too much pain and going to try to walk a mile today.

When I leave the hospital tomorrow we will leave for Memphis again to attend the funeral for my cousin. She had a good life even though she spent the last 28 years paralyzed on one side from a previous stroke. She was a walking miracle. She walked, she drove, she volunteered at a library, she enjoyed her life even though according to science she should not have been able to do any of those things because half her brain was dead. Blessed, she was and her family was also.

Monday I will go to Nashville and have a treadmill test to make sure the old heart is still healthy after 7 years since the heart attack. Everything looks good and I expect it will show that. I take care of myself by exercising and eating healthy, at least most of the time.

All these problems happen at once so the rest of 2014 will be smooth sailing. I believe that and feel truly blessed.

Happy New Year in the making!!!
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