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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I went to the doctor on Monday to see how my progress has been since March 2013. Well the doctor was not very happy with my numbers. Although I have maintained the inches lost and the small amount of weight loss South Beach has not helped me. He has requested strongly that I stop any and all high protein diets because it is really affecting my kidneys. So he suggested I reconsider the weight loss surgery, either banding or sleeve, not so much the bypass. So I am really having a hard time considering such radical treatment. I am not against it for others, but not i can't wrap my head around it for me. I need to lose 80-90 lbs and I am so frustrated and heartbroken. I don't know what else to do, I can't figure out how to exercise and stick with it. I was consistent on the elliptical for 8 months with no changes. I went from 5 minutes all the way to 45 minutes by the time I was finished the 8 months. My doctor says my insulin resistance and pre-diabetes is a huge barrier for weight loss for me. PCOS is making it impossible...so am I just making excuses and accepting my fate? I don't know where to go for help, I don't know what else to try and I have been really honest about my efforts. I didn't do any exercise in almost a year. If you read any of my previous blogs there were physical limitations. So now it's a new year, and I really want to do everything I can to drop the weight because this time next year I may not have a choice about surgery, but it would be kidney surgery, or dialysis. I WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT!
I feel bad as well that I keep posting on here and feel like I give nothing in return. Just overall feeling down. Any help really is very appreciated :)
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    Thank you everyone for the support. I have food allergies so it is difficult to work with a mainstream diet. I am thinking of going to a dietitian or nutritionist to customize a lifestyle that will work. I hope to keep you posted if you are interested :)
    2445 days ago
    I don't know the South Beach diet (I'm more an Atkins type), or how closely you follow it. I do know that a lot of people try to do low carb and low fat, and that doesn't usually work well. What percentage of your calories are from fat?
    2446 days ago
    I agree to try a low-carb/high-fat/moderate protein plan. Too much protein can indeed be a real problem for kidney problems but high-fat should be fine.
    2447 days ago
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    I'm with Woubbie on the (hugs).

    I have PCOS as well, and while everyone's chemistry is different, I've found that ketogenic is the only diet that works for me. Like Woubbie said, definitely NOT high protein. High fat more than anything. I aim for around 70-90 grams of protein per day, 20-30 grams of net carbs per day, with no grains. Many ladies with PCOS are also gluten intolerant, and I am one of those. I find that it is incredibly difficult for me to lose if I include grains, even within my carb allotment (tiny portions). I just focus on eating real food as much as possible and keeping my protein and carbs within those limits. My fat varies between 100 - 150 grams a day on average. Seems odd, but it's been almost magical for me to find these numbers. Your results may vary (it took me time and working with my doctor to figure it out) but it's worth doing a little experiment on yourself to see if you can find your right mix.

    I would hesitate to have surgery as well, but just try to have the same type of perspective you would for a friend. Does the risk of your current list of health issues outweigh the risk of the surgery and potential after-effects? Only you and your doctor can really make that call. That being said, if you are not 100% happy with your doctor, please get a second opinion. There are doctors (like mine) that will acknowledge individual needs and work with you to craft an acceptable solution. I should also point out that my new doctor prescribed metformin for me to help offset the insulin resistance, and it really does seem to help. The first few days I had a little bit of nausea from it while I adjusted, but I took it right before bed so it really wasn't an issue, and it went totally away pretty quickly.

    Best of luck, and don't be so hard on yourself. This is a complicated process, especially for those of us with extra factors going on. You can do this!

    2447 days ago

    My first question would be, how much protein are you actually eating? Low carb plans are NOT generally high protein, they're moderate protein.

    The plan I usually hear recommended for PCOS is Paleo, and to a lesser extent, Primal Blueprint. Have you tried either of them? Either one is low carb, moderate protein, high fat, with no grains and no legumes. Paleo is also no dairy, which is why I tend to lean to Primal instead.

    There's no need to feel bad or to apologize for posting when you're down, that's what support groups are all about! I'd definitely recommend you get active on a team here, though, if you want to get the most out of the site. Living Low Carb has a lot of very active members - come on and post in the forum and get inspired!

    Here's a link to Mark's Daily Apple. Maybe you can find some inspiration there as well?


    And last, here's a keto calculator to help you figure out what you should be eating to get weight moving again:

    2447 days ago
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