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Holy cow, Batman! I walked into a disaster....and forgot my Mental Toughness blog this morning

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Be careful what you wish for when you look for a challenge. Due to the nature of my work, I will not go into details. My job is regulatory and I am an expert in those regulations. I walked into the Chernobyl of health care.

I have worked 13 days, closed an entire department, recommended termination of one employee and put another one in suspension.

It can all be fixed, and will be better when I'm done.

Unfortunately I am also required to make sure each staff is competent....so....I am working 12 hours daily, all shifts including nights.
I have missed lunch 2 days in a row.
Not taken bio breaks for 6 hours at a time.
Missed dinner.
Missed sleep.
Missed drinking anything for 6 hours.
Missed my 36th anniversary
Miss my DH, kids and grandkids.

AND I have managed to eat right when I get the chance!

And am I tough? You can bet your Batshield on it!

1. Have you hit a plateau yet? If so, how did you make it through?
Sorry, I haven't had enough time to get to one.
2. List the three stages of success for future reference.
Season of Pain
Knowing stage
3. List the three best strategies you've learned or used during the season of pain.
Find something to boost my mind to tell myself I'm doing well
Congratulate myself on avoiding bad food.
Avoid negative thoughts
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW what a week ( or two...) but as you said... it's your job and it serves a purpose. Stay strong and put your strategies in play re all those "misses."
    2254 days ago
    Your job sounded so much like one of my jobs it was eerie.
    2254 days ago
    Golly it does sound like a dire situation, and thanks for clearing the circumstances up.
    Hoping your meeting with higher ups goes as you intend.
    And glad these circumstances are an emergency situation, it sounded to me as though it was ongoing.
    And if it is ongoing, how unsustainable!

    Hoping you won't always be an Overworking Janet
    2255 days ago
    You. Are. Tough.


    And: the toughness you model in your professional life? Yup, as you know, absolutely applicable to the weight loss stuff. Plus: only enhances your professional credibility.

    Yay you!! (Not a fun situation, but what incredible satisfaction in putting it right!!)
    2255 days ago
    emoticon I like the Batshield concept. Between you and Laura, the Warrior Woman - BadA$$DogLady two GREAT descriptors of what it takes.

    To your mental toughness, and remembering that YOU are worth taking care of even in extreme situations. Hang in there (p.s. I read the first paragraph of the next blog before I got over to check this one out...)

    2255 days ago
    Just a comment for the comments, thanks!

    I work where no food or drink is allowed.
    Most of the lack of breaks has been due to emergencies.
    I was unprepared for the disasters and there is no access to food unless you want to raid a vending machine.

    Will be meeting with higher ups today to clear up some of these issues.
    2255 days ago
    Yah, what Roxysmom said!
    The workplace was obviously falling down all over the show, and now you are here to make it right. But you can't do it all at once. You set the schedule, so SET THE SCHEDULE TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR NEEDS. You are not responsible for how the place is, you are there to put it right. So keep yourself right first.
    There is always more that can be done, than there is time to do it. That frees you to pick the things you do.

    100% compliance? No water and no loo breaks? HELLO!!
    2255 days ago
    Geez, that's a lot going on in your life. Hopefully the madness ends soon. You'll get sick if you don't eat & stay hydrated.
    2255 days ago
    Every thing in moderation. You can't save the world
    2255 days ago
    I am going to play devil's advocate here...

    Why did you miss lunch?? You are #1. Schedule your lunch, even if it is 10 mins and take it! Bring a packed, nutritious lunch. Seriously, you know there can always be a reason to skip it -- it is a non- negotiable!!

    Missed water?? Again, a non-negotiable! Keep a case in your office. Walk around with your water bottle in your hand. Also, a non-negotiable. This is a habit you should have for a lifetime, no matter what.

    Missing dinner...why???? Pack it if you have to or keep progresso soup at the office.

    Missing sleep ... Sleep is so important!! you have to have it. Don't take work home with you.

    Seriously, this is a new job. You are awesome and they already know it. You will always have a lot to do. Write a schedule over the weekend and stick to it. You need "work time" and"me time". It took me a while to figure out that I get the same amount done this way but I am so much happier!

    You need to take care of yourself and your marriage first! The rest will fall into place.
    2255 days ago
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