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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yes, I'm going crazy with my new elliptical trainer---sort of a late Christmas present to myself.
It's fun watching the Olympics while doing my own "thing."

It's a far better whole-body workout than my former indoor bike. I used to be able to hold long phone conversations while riding on the bike. The elliptical makes me huff and puff---so no phone calls, unless I want to sound like a creepy stalker.

In the 11 days I've had it (not counting a trip to help my grandkids and another week in AZ to help my sister and mom), I've lost 4 lbs. Better yet, I feel stronger in my core and legs, my lungs are functioning better, and as an asthma patient I LOVE that!

My first attempt was only 15 minutes--ooh, sad. Now I can go 60 min.---the length of a tv show.
Loving this!! Just celebrating a victory along this path!
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