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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just finished another elliptical workout of 60 minutes and set 2 new PR's. After warm-up, I did the fastest mile I've done yet (12:40), and then after recuperating (mmm.. gasping), I decided to experiment with upping the tension. That kicked my butt, literally.....and the quads, abs and hamstrings.

Post exercise euphoria kicking in. Too pooped to do the "happy dance", but I'm doing it on the inside.

I've been wondering lately why I can't seem to commit to a long-term strength training program. I start with great fanfare and hoopla (to my hubby, my kids, and sometimes just to me)---hey---I'm going to do 100 push-ups (knees down, of course) and 100 sit-ups a day OR
I'm going to do Jillian's 30 Day Shred every day from now on OR
I'm going to do 30 min. of kettlebell workouts every day from now on.

Usually after about a week or so, I'm NOT DOING IT ANYMORE. Then I hear "hey---are you still doing.......?) So lately I've learned to be quiet a little more about my big goals. emoticon

But a light bulb went off today while I was working on the elliptical (must be all that blood finally hitting the brain and producing some better ideas). I'm going to set goals for only 1 week at a time for strength stuff (my least favorite.) Here's my plan:

1 sheet of typing paper per week, with my goals listed. Save these so I can tell overall progress, and also so I can recycle ideas. Pinterest has a great listing of body-weight exercises, and so does SP.

I can do anything for just 1 week, right? Especially if I make it short and sweet. Cardio is not a problem for me cuz I'm usually watching an entire movie or tv show. But strength workouts---UGH!

Here's this week:

daily sit-ups, crunches, bicycles---whatever gets me to 100
back extensions--30 a day (a physical therapist told me to do this for my weird spine)
girls push-ups 50 a day
yoga bridge pose---hold 60 seconds
wall sit---45 seconds
bicep curl with weights 15 x 20 lbs, 2 sets
full-body plank---hold as long as possible

A week of kettlebells.
A week of Biggest Loser yoga. A lot tougher than it looks to hold those poses.
A week of PX90 -alternate days of strength and core
A week of 30 day shred
A week of different body-weight exercises

I hope with all this variety that I can finally "stick with" a strength program. But I'll only really be sticking with something for a week at a time. emoticon

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