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April Challenge: 30 Random Acts of Happiness

Monday, March 31, 2014

Today I posted a challenge in my BGR group that I thought was SO awesome (yes, I'm totally feeling myself on this one, lol) that I've decided to share it all over! The purpose is meant to make the participants enjoy their surroundings more and foster positive (albeit random) interactions with the people around them. I'm encouraging everyone to take pics/video of them completing each "task" (for points and accountability). Maybe at the end I can make up a flipagram of all of the awesomely random moments that people submit OR make that a part of the challenge to & award more points for the best compilation! I'm so excited!!! So here are the 30 random acts of Happiness!

1. Jump rope
2. Swing
3. Slide
4. High five a stranger (or 2...or a few) while on a run/walk/jog
5. Dance in public (sole train line)
6. Sing out loud (mirror music video)
7. Tell a corny joke
8. Play with your food
9. Take a silly selfie (props accepted)
10. Tell someone you love them
11. Play a hand game with someone (ms mary mack, down down baby, etc.)
12. Play hopscotch
13. Try a sport you've never tried or haven't played in a long time. (Group volleyball/tennis/basketball at Mitch park)
14. Treat yourself to flowers, then wear one in your hair
15. Blow the biggest bubble you can (bubble gum or glycerine bubbles)
16. Give someone a hug
17. Make a paper plane and challenge kids/friends to a contest to see whose plane can go the farthest
18. Fly a kite
19. Bake a healthy version of your favorite cookies and share then with friends and neighbors
20. Play with play dough, floam, slime or something similar
21. Play cat's cradle
22. See how many yo-yo tricks you can do
23. Take skip intervals on your next walk/run (a’ la dorothy & crew going to see the wizard)
24. Hide a surprise like a nice note, a small toy, or a favorite (nonperishable) snack for your child /friend/relative/significant other to find around the house & give them a list of clues to lead them to it. Make it an outdoor treasure hunt by hiding several things around the yard or at a local park. (*if you do this outdoors, do not hide anything edible as animals/insects will likely find it as well)
25. Take a moment to look at the stars. What constellations can you find? If the view of the stars isn't so great try to identify shapes in the clouds during the daytime.
26. Compliment a stranger
27. Volunteer your time
28. Plant & water a seed in a clear cup & watch it grow
29. Say "she sells seashells by the seashore" five times really quickly
30. Feed a homeless person: (donate canned goods to a food pantry, buy a meal/snack/fruit/bottled water & give it to someone on the corner, volunteer to serve meals at a soup kitchen).

I will attempt to post my daily acts (with pics) to keep everyone inspired and on track. There's no particular order you have to follow and you are more than welcome to complete multiple tasks within a single day. You are also more than welcome to complete a single task more than once! Let's get out there and get happy folks!

I want to see a LOT MORE yellow!!! emoticon
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