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Holistic Health Provider - treatment plan

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

So, today I had my (free) consultation with a Holistic Health Provider. My son recommended her because she is in his BNI group (Business Networking). I had previously sent her my blood test results from this January. She tested a urine sample, and did an assessment. Interesting to note that my blood pressure was higher laying down than it was standing up (that is opposite of the norm). 160/90 laying down and 140/85 standing up! and I'm on 3 BP meds, too - taken them faithfully for 5+ years!

She said had a gauge of my metabolism as it relates to stress. Picture a half circle. The "regular, everyday" stress should be below the 90 degree level - mine was a bit below that -- so that was all good. Then there is the "recovery" side... it should be at about the 160-170 degree mark... mine was at about 45 degrees.... which means I'm holding stress in my body, which causes the thyroid and adrenal to overwork and/or shut down.

So she is putting me on a 6 week nutrition and exercise program, with weekly visits for accupressure on the adrenal and thyroid to try to stimulate both of them to heal themselves.

The nutrition part consists mainly of cutting out dairy and all grains, ensuring the correct amount of protein (but no soy). Lots of veggies, 1-2 servings of fruit, plenty of water. Proteins can be lean white or red meat and fish (depending on how my body reacts). This is for the first 2-3 weeks - after that, we'll see what we can perhaps add back in - in small doses.

Since exercise can sometimes stall the metabolism, exercise is supposed to be more on the moderate than intense - walking, strength training. Limit running and heavy cardio.

Of course, I didn't take really good notes, so I'm still kinda fuzzy on all the details. I have the nutrition and exercise plan to start - going to try to set that all up for my Friday appointment for my first accupressure. Then I can have her go over the nutrition plan I've set up so I can shop and prep for it this weekend.
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