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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Decided to dust off the old scale this morning. Stepped on it somewhat dreading the outcome while it did its thinking. All of a sudden 66 pops on the screen! What!!!! Then realized it was set to kg... LOL

I changed it to lbs and a not as small, but, nice number popped on the screen. 145.5! I have lost 2 lbs! I know that's not an out of this world number considering I haven't weighed in for months, but, I really haven't been actively trying to lose. I have just been focusing on being healthy. So the fact that I have lost weight is huge! I love it! I was not expecting a loss. I was only hoping that I had maintained! So needless to say, I am extremely happy! What a great start to my Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's day to everyone! Hope you have an amazing day!!
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