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100 Days of Happiness, Day 20/Flylady

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Today having a get together with family makes me happy! I love my husbands family, and when we get together we always have a great time. I stayed really close to my calorie goals, I had no bread and no cheese. I did have a piece of apple pie and two ounces of cheese cake, but I had planned on that. Eating healthy when surround by not healthy foods make me happy too!

I have been with www.flylady.net/ for over 10 years now, you'd think I would have gotten the hang of it by now. It is a fantastic site, and I love the way she looks at things. My kids love their daily 'missions' and I love having a fantastic looking house! I went through a really rough patch at the beginning of the year and stopped doing it. I am now redoing my control journal and starting over with beginners baby steps. Yes, I know all of the beginners baby steps by now, I've restarted it several times. I'm on Day 6 now. Somebody's comment on my blog was about how great flylady is and how it helps with cleaning messes, and so I decided to write about it today.

Things I will do differently this time:

~don't make my morning routine so long! I was still doing my morning routine come lunch time last time!

~Follow the daily missions; last time I kinda ignored these and just did my own thing, I should have known better, it's worked before, so why go a different way? Laziness. Plain and simple. I will not be lazy this time!

~Keep it simple! Make my cleaning lists simple, save the detail cleaning for my fly missions and spring cleaning!

~Buy a bigger binder. The one I have is 1/2 inch and everything is crammed in there! I'll buy at least a 1 or 2 inch one, if I need a 3 inch binder I'll know I'm overdoing it!

~Get dressed to lace up shoes! Beginners baby step number 2. I've been staying in my pajamas for my morning coffee, and this screws up my whole morning routine and makes me feel lazy. Getting dressed to lace up shoes really gets me ready for the day!

~Put my control journal out and ready for the day the night before. We use a laptop beside the computer so that DH and I can sit together (I use the laptop). I can put it up before I go to bed and in it's place put my control journal out and on my morning routine. Not to mention wiping it down, I use page covers so I can mark everything off with a dry erase marker as I go :)

~Don't switch up the schedule, stick to the flylady schedule! I switched things around last time, like putting anti-procrastination day on Friday instead of Wednesday. Don't ask me why, I guess it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

~Don't be too strict, like must have X done my 0800, but don't be too lax either. Being to lax leads to procrastination, and I don't need any more of that!

Happy Flying!

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