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Tuesday, 8 July 14

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

My doctor told me to lower my upper limit of calories to 1200 last week. This is really hard. I told her, I over eat a lot and I snack, especially in the evenings. So, and I'm almost embarrassed that I even need it, she's put me on a medicine that helps you feel full so you won't overeat. I didn't want to at first, no 'diet pill' for me, thank-you-very-much. But she convinced me to try it. We had to buy it out of pocket, insurance won't pay for it, but it is not crazy expensive. I'm supposed to take one morning and afternoon, but I only take one in the afternoon because I've not been having a problem in the mornings. And it WORKS! I eat the amount I'm supposed to and then I don't crave anything more because I'm full, or at least I feel like it. The goal is to get my stomach to shrink so that I don't need as much food before I naturally get that 'full' feeling. I'm only going to take the one prescription, a month should be enough time for me to get used to eating less. I almost feel like I'm cheating. Almost. I've been so close to pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, etc., that I'm willing to use it as a boost.

I went over by a 200 calories yesterday, I thought I could get a salad and maybe 10 pickle chips and be okay. The salad was way more than I thought calorie-wise, though I didn't eat the cheese so actually it was probably quite a bit less than I thought. Counting exactly how much each is on their website though, I shouldn't have had the pickle chips. I only had ten, but that was over 150 calories - yikes!

emoticon I weighed in at 240. I'm so bummed about this! I know weight can fluctuate, this is awful! I was down to 235 again yesterday! I know I went over my calories yesterday, but 5 pounds worth? This makes m more determined. I will lose this weight. I will stay in my calorie range, I will work out, I will do this!

emoticon Other than the extra calories from dinner last night I did really good. My one shake lasted me breakfast and lunch, and that gave the the extra calories to spend on dinner. The SP nutrition tracker changed my nutrition goals on me, so when I looked I had more free calories than I actually had. I changed it back and hope that it stays fixed so I don't get mixed up again! Today same as usual, shake for breakfast and lunch, use my measuring tools for dinner. We have a lot of pasta planned for the next two weeks, so I'll probably be eating a lot of salads! Pasta is okay, as long as I measure it so I don't go over my calories, but I want to make sure I get plenty of veggies too.

emoticon Day two of the longer workouts, I woke up early so I'd have time to get it in, and I've taken longer than I thought to wake up enough to work out, so it doesn't matter that I got up extra early! I'm going to take it easy and only do what I can, I don't want to overdo it and then not do it! I'm going to use the riser just in my first 20 minute workout, then for the next two 20 minutes I won't use it. For a grand total of 60 minutes! I'm going to have to start waking up earlier if I'm going to continue this long of workouts because I'm going to be running late again today! But, I'm worth it!

emoticon It is going to be another bright sunny day, so I'm going to try to get outside to get as much vitamin D as possible. The lawn guy told me there was some poison ivy growing in the back yard, he sprayed it, but it is better to get it up by the root. I'm not allergic to it, so my job is to go find it and toss it. My youngest DD is very allergic to it, so I've got to find it before she does!

emoticon Lots more to do today on my journey to a cleaner house. Yesterday I did really good getting almost everything done! Today, lets see if I can keep the momentum going! I loved how much it had me up and out of my chair and moving.

emoticon I have wonderful news! My youngest daughter accept Jesus into her heart! She prayed for Him to come and be with her always, such a sweet prayer! We stopped what we were doing and canceled school for the rest of the day to celebrate emoticon I'm one happy, proud Momma!

This motivator is so true. For so long I've thought I was not capable of losing the weight. I'm not an athlete, so how could I? And so many other things I've been keeping myself from learning, doing, being... all because I think I'm not. Not good enough at it, not smart enough, not in good enough shape. Time to start testing myself more and trying new things. Because I am in good enough shape for a lot of things, and getting better and better. I am smart enough and I am good enough. I am enough. I can. I sometimes use my anxiety as a crutch, I don't want to go into situations where I might have an anxiety attack so I avoid situations altogether. Time for me to drop the crutches and walk! Just because I might have an anxiety attack doesn't mean I will. I think I'm not ready... I am ready, I can do this!

Today's Goals:

emoticon Go somewhere today
emoticon Workout
emoticon Strength train
emoticon Stay in my calorie range
emoticon Drink my water
emoticon Shine my sink
emoticon Declutter for 15 minutes
emoticon Stretch
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