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Day 180: 6 Months of Learning & Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Monday, July 28, 2014

Today is a day where my calendar should have bold colorful writing or at the very least – a big gold star! 6 months ago, I started my journey towards becoming a better me, a healthier me, and a better example to my kids. I wasn’t sure when I started that I’d get to day 180 because in the past I had never come this far. My weight-loss goals were usually dropped by the wayside before then or in the rare instance, achieved much faster but by less-than-healthy means. Not only does this day mark a milestone but it is also a day for me to reflect on my previous goals and set up some new ones going forward.

I have gained so much knowledge about myself and becoming healthier in the past 6 months that I am now armed with more information than ever before to continue on my path towards making a healthy lifestyle my permanent way of life. So what have I learned? Well, before getting into what I’ve learned I’d like to reflect first on where I’ve come from first.

Day 1 Stats:

Weight: 157.96 lbs
Body Fat: 38.14%
BMI: 25.4
Pant Size: 12

Day 180 Stats:

Weight: 128.97 lbs
Body Fat: 26.48%
BMI: 20.7
Pant Size: 4


Weight: -28.99 lbs
Body Fat: -11.66%
BMI: -4.7
Pant Size: -4 sizes

Looking over the stats and the totals from this past 6 months, I am amazed! The day-to-day struggles and setbacks really can prevent us from seeing the big picture! In going through the daily control of my nutrition, getting through difficult workouts and weekly weigh-ins, the numbers showing where I was at on Day 1 or even Day 180 do not even begin to show the massive amount of change that has truly happened. Within me, the mental changes and emotional turn-arounds are truly the driving force for getting to where I am today. Learning from my mistakes and forgiving myself for setbacks has given me a mindset focused on “Progress not perfection” as I become healthier and create the best me I can be.

What I know now that I didn’t know then:
~ Eating too few calories can stop or slow my weight loss.
~ Eating more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day keeps my metabolism running so that I can burn more calories with less effort.
~ Eating within 1-2 hours of waking up is important to getting my metabolism going.
~ I need more protein to keep my hunger at bay and finding better proteins for my nutrition plan is important.
~ I’ve got very little room to spare in my calorie range so I have to find the healthiest foods in order to get the most “calorie bang for the buck.” I like to eat a variety of foods and larger portions so picking healthy foods allows me to fill up my plate and eat numerous foods while still staying in my range for the day.
~ Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night helps my body get back to a healthy weight and function properly.
~ When I eat too much sodium it makes me feel bloated and I lose weight much slower than I can with less sodium in my diet.
~ I walk a LOT now! My step goal each day is 15,000 steps and I usually have no problem getting to that level and going beyond.
~ I can control my health and now I do not let outside obstacles become the end-all-be-all for what I do with my body or what I put into my body.
~ Planning ahead is crucial to success when it comes to eating healthy and exercising. I will not allow outside circumstances to dictate how healthy I can be each day.
~ I am just as important as the other people in my life and in order to be there for them, I have to take care of myself too.

Today, I am giving myself the credit for a job well-done that I all-too-often fail to give myself as I push through each day to get what needs to be done, done. I can make course corrections when I slip-up, I can forgive myself and stop being the toughest critic I have when it comes to my mistakes, and I will do better tomorrow. Each day is a new chance to put the knowledge I’ve gained into practice and to tailor it to myself and my lifestyle.
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