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Yellowstone Park, Day 1, July 16, 2014

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Why is my alarm going off at 2:30 A.M.? I feel like I just got to bed! Oh wait!! I did just get to sleep, and it's time to get up, because I'm leaving for Yellowstone this morning!! I can hear Carra's alarm too, so it's time to jump in the shower. We have to be at the airport at 4:15, so we'll have to leave here in an hour. I'm really nervous. I'm not a good flier, which shows you how badly I want to go to Yellowstone, that I'll willingly get on an airplane, and hope I don't freak out!

Got to the airport at 4:00. Only a few people around. All the smart people are still sleeping. We're the first ones of our group here, but I expect the rest any minute. There are 18 of us going all together. The trip was put together by 2 of the professors at Gannon University, so I'm sure we'll all be learning lots as we go along.

Finally got checked in. Carra and I are not sitting together. Interesting. In our group are 2 mother-daughter groups, a father and 2 daughters (15 and 18), a couple with 2 nephews, ages 21 and 16, the 2 professors, another couple, (aunt and uncle to the 2 girls), and 3 ladies together. Seems like a fun group for the most part.

4:45, on the flying tin can, I mean airplane. It's a small plane, my absolute favorite...NOT. We'll be flying into Detroit, and have a layover there, so we can all grab some breakfast.

Had a pretty good flight. Nice and clear, so we could see for miles. I was lucky and had a window seat. Little bumpy a couple times, but not too bad. I might be able to get used to this. Landed in Detroit, gathered together and headed for the departure gate. Once we were there, we went in shifts to get breakfast: some watched the luggage while others went hunting for food, then we all traded and the rest went to eat. If you like peanut butter sandwiches, there's a kiosk there that sells peanut butter and what-ever sandwiches, on your choice of bread. They are really good, so I'm told. Carra had pb and marshmallow fluff on wheat. I had a yogurt and fruit. Had another window seat, but right over a wing, so I couldn't see anything. But I did my job and kept an eye on the engine and made sure it didn't fall off.

From Detroit, we flew into Minneapolis/St. Paul. Big airport! After we had gathered, and did the watch the luggage thing, some did some shopping, some ate lunch, and some even stretched out on the supplied mats, and took a nap. Most of us were busy with our phones in our hands, letting family know we'd made it that far. We had a couple of hours to kill there, so many of us used the supplied ports to charge our phones, ipads, etc. Finally, we were called to board the next flight. It's crazy how they board the planes. First class boards first, in all the seats in the front. Next are the priority members, who can be where-ever in the plane. Then zone 1, zone 2, and finally, zone 3. Most of us were zone 2 or 3, but in order to get to our seats, we were banging people who were already seated, aisles were almost impassable, etc. It would make so much more sense to board "last row first", but then, what do I know.... After smacking some guy in the head with my large, heavy camera bag, I found my seat, another window seat. And so we were off to Bozeman, Montana.

This leg of the trip was still nice and clear. By then, I'd wised up enough to take some pictures out the window - yes, another window seat. Saw the Mississippi river, a huge wind farm, lots of fields, which from the air, look like a muted colored quilt. Very few clouds, just puffy ones, so when we were flying over the Teton Mountains, I got some nice pictures. I have to download them yet, so I'm going to end tonight at the Bozeman airport, try and download the pictures and continue this saga tomorrow.
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  • PICKIE98
    I am jealous!! My dream is the Grand Tetons!!!!!!

    I love flying, hate the strip search and free mammogram and colonoscopy at each airport.I fully expect a complete album of beautiful pics when you return missy!! I am drooling..

    Kristy and I just got home from The Upper Peninsula.. mountains,yes, Tetons, no. I am glad you are feeling better, good enough to do some traveling..
    Do not be dancing all over the mountain tops or skipping on the trails.. hope to hear from you soon.. Linda
    2290 days ago
    My favorite place was Glacier National Park. I want to go to YELLOWSTONE some day.
    Reading about your flying adventure was exactly the same as mine.
    I loved reading it because it reminded me of my adventure of a lifetime. Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2307 days ago
    Quite the varied group---glad the plane travel went okay---but having to switch 2x and be on 3 different planes---that must have been a pain. Glad Carra got to go with you. And I am looking forward to more tales---LOL
    2307 days ago
    Glad you had a good flight.
    2308 days ago
    Hi From Ohio !!!!
    Oh How Wonderful for You and Carra !!!
    I must say, you can now be a Seasoned Flyer with all of your stops and takeoffs !!!!
    Can't wait to see your pictures !
    Have a Blast !

    2308 days ago
    Enjoy Yellowstone. It is amazing.
    I also am exhausted after flying. My job is to mentally keep the plane up in the air.
    No seriously. Who knows what would happen if I didn't.
    2309 days ago
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