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I Love You Dearly, But---You Have to Stay Out of My Bed

Sunday, September 07, 2014

My brother died in 2007. For the last 6 months I have been dreaming that he has been visiting me. Of course, it is always after I turn in for the night. I have a queen size bed. Usually, he comes in and lays on the left side of my bed. He gets off the bed a lot. I have never gotten up to see what he is doing.

I have gotten up to see if he was really there. Usually, the covers on the left side is in the shape of a person. I always want to pull the covers down so that I can see who it is for real. I have spoken with him; however, he will not let me see him. When I make up my mind to look at the person directly he leaves and don't come back for a few nights.--THIS IS ALL PART OF THE DREAM.

Last night was really disturbing. First, when I came in to go to bed he was already on my side of the bed. He was asleep and grumbling. He said something about the world is not treating him right and he Is tired of it. I wanted to tell him to shut up but he was acting so grumpy that I just left him alone. At one point he saw some cards--like birthday cards--he took them and threw them in my face. Last night I not only looked directly at him but I actually touched him because he was lying too close to me. A lady called for him to come to work. I kept saying that he need to go to work until he got up, got dressed, and left. His being here last night made me feel really uneasy. THIS WAS ALSO THE DREAM.

I have never had anything but love and respect for him. I don't know why he made me so uncomfortable. Last night I wanted him to leave because I felt like he was going to hit me. I am getting an hour and a half of sleep at night. It would not be so bad dreaming about my brother but he walks all night long and keep waking me up. THIS IS MOSTLY FROM MY DREAM LAST NIGHT, AS WELL.
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    Thank you all for your important input. Since I wrote this blog I have not had a visit from my brother or anyone else. They may appear in my dreams; however, they do not feel as if they are with me.

    2328 days ago
    I dream some UNREAL bad ones about my Mom,, and almost all I grew up with,, we helped to raise 3 cousins,, along w/ myself and my 4 brothers.

    Mom and I did NOT see eye to eye AT ALL as I grew up. we are soooo much alike,,, we actually contrasted. When i turned 23 suddenly we learned to really LOVE each other,,, and boy did we ! I am so THANKFUL for this.

    It was SHORT lived,,, she died of cancer when I was 32,, and she became sick when I was 29,,, the last 3 yrs of her life,,, I was in control of her medical treatments. I was up to the hosp,, where she spent the last 6 months of her life in,,, every AM, so we could watch "Golden Girls" together. She just LOVED that show (Funny I watch it to this day),

    I have NO DOUBT she was NOT as mean as the dreams make her,,, as if I am scared of her,, which of course I WAS NOT ! She did the best she could,, with 9 kids.

    I look at this way,, maybe you can also,, since we are dreaming of them,,,, it keeps their memories,, ,the way they sounded,, moved,,,, laughed,, etc,,, all fresh in our minds. I in turn have taught my GD all about her,, since they never met. I am clearly a combo of my Dad and Mom. I HONOR this. I just lost Daddy 2 weeks on Weds.

    2330 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3892454
    I'm so sorry that you are having these disturbing dreams. I've had many with my mother since she's been gone. I can only assume that it has to do with my feelings of regret and guilt.

    I listen to books or old time radio shows (comedies) when I go to bed, it helps take my mind off things. I hope that you're able to find some mental peace soon. emoticon emoticon
    2333 days ago
    You must have been very close. Maybe if you talk more about him while you are awake, he'll let you sleep.
    2334 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Hope you can get it resolved so you can actually get some sleep.
    2334 days ago
    I'm certainly not a dream expert but have read books about this. Sometimes the meaning of the dreams depends on the context. Your brother can represent a part of yourself that you are dealing with. Or he could actually be your brother and you have some unresolved issues regarding him. You should do some reading online about this and you might find the answer to what this is happening.
    2334 days ago
    So sorry you've been having these dreams. It must be exhausting! I think Changing Seasons gives some really good advice. Is there some kind of unfinished business with your brother? If you could speak to him, what would you say? Write it all out in a letter, and then burn it. Make a personal ceremony out of it, and hopefully you will find some peace.
    2334 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12507525
    Maybe you could try having conversations with him while you're awake. If his spirit really is entering your dreams there has to be a reason. Spirits need to find peace and move on to be with God. I really do believe they can hear us when we talk to them or even write a letter. I've written letters and burned them before and had a strong feeling the person I was writing to got the letter(someone who had passed that I felt wasn't at peace and hadn't moved on). I know I'm probably in the minority but I've experienced to many things to not believe in spirits. My oldest son's dad was killed in a car crash..of his own making..and things at the time were really chaotic and not good. He had endangered my son and his two half sisters and I had finally just had enough and gotten him to sign over his rights. But, there was a lot of emotion on everyones parts. There was definitely a ghost in our house after he died. I wasn't the only person who experienced things it was pretty obvious. Finally I just started talking to him and forgave him because he was a good person without drugs and alcohol and he had his own emotional stresses even though it was wrong how he chose to deal with them. I wrote a long letter and burned it also and started praying that he would make it to heaven. Shortly after the ghost was totally gone and we all felt peace. And, I'm really NOT a crazy person. lol.
    2334 days ago
    hmmmmm. They always say dreams mean something.
    And you said he's been on your mind a lot. Who knows why we dream the way we do... maybe you need to just tell him to leave you alone and get out.. in your dream of course. Good luck.. sweet dreams to you , I hope. emoticon
    2334 days ago
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